Billy on the Street: Chris Pratt Lightning Round!

Billy on the Street: Chris Pratt Lightning Round!

Chris Pratt is the one of our biggest stars, but do New Yorkers even care? Watch Chris join Billy Eichner in this week’s brand new Billy on the Street! Airs Thursdays 10:30/9:30c on truTV!

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20 Responses

  1. Harry Mix says:

    Can we get a kickstarter going to buy this show a soundguy or at least a
    wireless mic?

  2. Darth Plagas says:

    They should ask for young ppl, no grannys who watch the fucking Oprah u.u

  3. JaytotheW says:

    What in the god dam world!! He’s super famous and stuff!!! I think he
    should see it as a lucky though as others have said, he’s famous and probs
    rolling in simoleons and he can just blend in like a commando. Your one
    lucky guy CHRIS PRATT!!

  4. Tony Smith says:

    1:21 ”the fuck if I know” hahahaha

  5. Yumi Fujii says:

    Can you post the parts where people recognized him? this is so hard to
    watch xD Poor chris

  6. AthensG6 says:

    Americans, so stupid!

  7. Michelle Min says:

    Sorry Ass New Yorker.. It is a total shame…

  8. Dick Trickle says:

    chris pratt more like chris shatt

  9. Vamanos Ninja says:

    lol! omg I would have been the last lady, saying I love your wife more.

  10. calixa says:

    ask enough people enough questions with Chris Pratt beside you, You will
    get enough answers to spin this anyway they want.
    The power of editing.

  11. Kyle Wong says:

    C’mon…. I’m Starlord man…

  12. Sab “littlepanda” Lee says:

    If they came up to me, I wouldn’t have been able to answer because I would
    have been screaming too much!

  13. Myke X says:

    wrong crowd dude. find some gay guys and they will immediately know who he

  14. Reasonably Sane says:

    Who is Chris Pratt?

  15. empowered gamer says:


  16. LPS SunnyCupcake says:

    If i was there i would slap Chris and then hug him till he dies :)

  17. ferbbe02gamingXD says:

    missed it by thisss much

  18. gtabro1337 says:

    I have seen gay people that act more mature than this guy…

  19. C Tiara says:

    so sad

  20. Han HyperX says:

    His wife is that chick from scary movie ay