Billy on the Street: Kris Jenner or Geppetto?

Billy on the Street: Kris Jenner or Geppetto?

It’s the season finale of Billy on the Street and Billy has a brand new game: Kris Jenner or Geppetto? Can you tell the difference between the Kardashian matriarch and Pinocchio’s dad? Watch the season finale Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on truTV!

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20 Responses

  1. Eric Winkel says:


  2. EliminaGaming says:

    So GOD DAMN short

  3. unclvinny says:

    Whitney’s a sparkler!

  4. RelapseGalore55 says:

    Central Perrrkk

  5. rockthestrand says:

    Walking away she looks like Danny DeVito as the Penguin……

  6. Eli K. says:

    “Boob’s are flyin’!”

  7. Tucker Furlong says:

    Billy is amazing, he manages to insult people but still come off as super

  8. Stephen Gerardo says:

    So many one-liners in this one I’m literally dyinG XD

  9. ofek 1 says:

    im glad i found this channel

  10. Courtney S says:

    Boobs a flyin’!

  11. SelfAwarePedant says:

    Aww. Whitney seems like someone I’d want to hang out with.

  12. 100 100 says:

    1:40 KRIS JENNER.

  13. milkyway says:

    ”So god-damn short!”

  14. George Vasiliou says:

    2:35 something stacked in Batman’s ass lmao

  15. MrLiqidclark says:

    “Wishes desperately on a falling star.” That’s hysterical.

  16. TheyROutThere says:

    Is Billy sure that the one who “has a child whose closest thing to a real
    friend is a talking cricket” only refers to Geppetto. That could definitely
    fit for Rob Kardashian also.

  17. volakha says:

    alright I’ve for sure got a thing for this whitney girl. so damn adorable

  18. Charlotte Whitney says:


  19. No Name says:

    How did she literally get them wrong when answers were repeatedly
    Geppetto?! lmao! ????

  20. No Name says:

    Whitney will soon be tired with that tire! ? Nice prize for some exercise
    since she got no car! she can sell it on Ebay too tho! Do lots of stuff
    with a tire! ???????????