Binging with Babish: Bao from Pixar’s Bao

Binging with Babish: Bao from Pixar’s Bao

Bao is a beautifully animated, thematically mature, subtle and nuanced portrait of the human condition – in other words, it’s a Pixar production. To celebrate the Oscars this coming weekend, let’s dive into the director’s mom’s own recipe, as we attempt to recreate a food so delicious, you’ll want to raise it as your own until it tries to leave you and you eat it.

Domee Shi’s Mom’s Recipe:

Music: “XXV” by Broke for Free

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70 Responses

  1. Binging with Babish says:

    Which part of eating a magically-sentient food tastes best: its thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, or ability to love?

  2. unregistered says:

    Nice throwback to the guy who does ancient MRE reviews

  3. KomandantMirko says:

    the tray joke caught me totally of guard. great reference

  4. Erin Rose says:

    I’ve left this comment before, last week, but I want you to see it so here we go… I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Disney Channel Original Movie classic that is “Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off”, but I have, more than I’d like to admit. I would absolutely LOVE to see your interpretation of the iconic “sauce”. In the movie it’s described thus: “like barbecue sauce, but better!”) … so it could be a cool way to talk about barbecue sauce styles (white, vinegar-based, etc.). I just can’t imagine how you’d make it purple! Ube barbecue sauce maybe? I’ll leave it to you.

  5. Fancy Gaming says:

    *Steve1989MREinfo has entered the chat*

  6. Izzy says:

    As a Chinese person, the way you pronounce Bāo is so monotone and funny.

    • AutogolazzoJr says:

      I started learning Chinese a couple of years ago and can’t get over the american Chinese pronunciations. It seems like learning to pronounce Chinese words is quite easy compared to other languages, but it still sounds quite different than reading English.

    • Julian A says:

      Lol! When he said “Baozee” I was like “ohhhh nooooo”

    • Kromium says:

      Yeah I know right. He pronounced it char-soo instead of cha-sway

  7. Beernuts51 says:

    Every time you give steve1989 tray line a go I fanboy out.

  8. Jon Sudano says:

    This isn’t the only Babish episode with a Steve1989MREInfo reference and I’m okay with it.

  9. Alex Suvorov says:

    Make the sardines from “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” when they list all the ways they cook sardines

  10. Electronic Abyss says:

    That mre reference totally caught me off guard lol

  11. MrRyn says:

    For true Asian way, use no measurements.

  12. DEVIATE axb says:

    I demand a crossover. Steve1989MREinfo and Binging With Babish. Make it happen or we riot

    • elitebuster2012 says:

      I could see that working out great, open and try an MRE, then make a gourmet version of it.

    • Bella Obscura says:

      I’m completely on board, say the word.

    • tygonmaster says:

      I mean, Steve does not really “cook” though. He just opens and sometimes eats MREs, giving the history behind them and teaches about the terminology. He might be able to cook, but I am not sure what exactly he would bring to a show like this. Like, maybe they could try to make gourmet versions of MRE meals, but most MRE food is already semi-gourmet. It just loses flavor in the preservation.

    • Random says:

      If there’s someone who can figure out how to make an MRE in a kitchen, it’s probably Babish.

  13. Schlaym says:

    Thank you for showing your screwups, that’s actually encouraging.

  14. Will Dotson says:

    When you think you are the only one who watches the MRE channel ??

  15. Potato Messiah says:

    I can’t believe he pulled a steve1989 without even warning us

  16. Jack Healy says:

    1:08 “After it’s 2-hour rest, the dough should’ve ‘a-bao-t’ doubled in size…”



  17. Verual Cancer says:

    Should get Steve1989mreinfo in a video and make some of the mre foods with him that would be “nice”

  18. John Pendergrast says:

    Steve1989MREinfo? 5:30 ? Let’s get this out onto a tray, ok nice

  19. Byeah #427 says:

    If you don’t collab with SteveMRE I will personally cut food inside of every pan and pot you own.

  20. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    This is the second time he’s done this with the Steve1989mreinfo

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