Binging with Babish: Ben Wyatt’s Calzones from Parks & Rec

Binging with Babish: Ben Wyatt’s Calzones from Parks & Rec

Ben Wyatt: mayor of Ice Town, occasional Batman impersonator, and unwavering disciple of the calzone. Today we celebrate Ben’s fandom with a trio of his most notorious pizza pocket projects: calzone-shaped apple pie, (poisonous) mini calzones, and the low-cal-calzone-zone. Pizza is better as a sandwich, isn’t it?

Music: “Juparo” by Broke for Free

America’s Test Kitchen Whole Wheat Pizza Dough:

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59 Responses

  1. Ryann Soriano says:

    This brought back a memory of a very obscure TV show called “Ed” about a guy who owned a bowling alley. Anyway, one episode one of the cooks had an idea of deep frying a whole apple pie instead of a calzone shaped one. Always wanted to try it, but I know it maybe a little dangerous since I don’t have a big enough deep fryer. Haha!

  2. Shane Woods says:

    Babish: “roll out to about 4-ish centimetres thick”

    I think he definitely meant millimeters. ‘Murica

  3. Daniel Geroe says:

    You should do “Ron’s Paunch Burger.” Ann tells Ron in one episode that needs more potassium. Ron is so opposed to plant-based food he physically can’t eat the banana. He smashes it in a burger to eat it.

    So…. banana burgers?

  4. Frightened Skillet says:

    “If your gonna have a healthy thing you might as well have too much”

  5. SPZ Aruba says:

    Friend: Why do you like calzones? They’re only a quesadilla pizza.

    Me: You made my point.

  6. UnpopularPolitics says:

    Andrew, it’s “In twain”. “Into twain” is semantically and grammatically incorrect – it’s like saying “You’re are”.

  7. Benjamin Lipson says:

    “This lid from my protein powder will do nicely.”

    Weird flex but okay.

  8. The Playlist Guy says:

    *me remembering the previous episode making calzones*
    Me: Hey I’ve seen this one!
    Babish: What are you talking about? It’s brand new!

  9. The King of Antarctica says:

    Your next line will be: “I’m hyped for that JoJo episode.”

  10. rod says:

    The calzones… betrayed me?!?

    – Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster

  11. Michael Harrell says:

    7:40 “about four-ish centimeters thick.” That’s almost 2 inches. Pretty sure this is supposed to say milimeters.

  12. EnthusiasTech says:

    Babish: No JoJo episode
    Esidisi: Your attempt to exploit my anger is admirable, but I cannot be angered

  13. TheLongDark says:

    “burnished and browned and … b’done”

    I come for the cooking skill but I stay for the alliteration.

  14. NochSoEinKaddiFan says:

    I actually keep a wedge of cheese in my freezer at all times, with a micorplane style grater you are always set to bless whatever food you want 🙂
    Works especially well with something like young gouda or other cheese usually too soft and smeary to grate. Just don’t freeze parm or pecorino xD

  15. Lil Angel says:

    He doesn’t want to show us Jojo’s recipes because we would see his Pearl Jam.

    • Kaiser Sosebee says:

      He’s showed us his pearl jam before. You judt wouldnt know because your not a stand user

    • Alexis C. says:

      Is he talking about anime jojos bizarre or a different jojo?

    • Kaiser Sosebee says:

      @Alexis C. i can only think of a few foods in jojo’s bizarre adventure. Maybe he’s talking about jojo rabbit. But it could be the strawberry cake from vento aureo

    • Ryan Cooper says:

      Kaiser Sosebee it’s the Italian diner from the fourth part. It’s a four course meal though so I wonder how he’s gonna do that

    • Flypotato9 says:

      @Alexis C. there’s only 2 jojo in the internet… jojo’s bizarre adventure and jojo siwa….I doubt it’s not about the adventure i’d say

  16. king joe says:

    Broke: Binging with Babish
    Woke: *The low-cal calzone zone*

  17. Nacify says:

    i love how as soon as he makes a jojo episode an option , literally every jojo fan just raids the comment section

  18. Leopardfoot01 says:

    8:40 “Jojo! This is the last of my frying oil!”

  19. Hudson Maks says:

    He says he doesn’t understand the people of Pawnee, he must be an Eagletonian

  20. Kyle Rendell says:

    Me: “BABISH! My balls have doubled in size!”
    Babish: “See a doctor.”

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