Binging with Babish: Bunnicorn Pizza from Star Trek: Picard

Binging with Babish: Bunnicorn Pizza from Star Trek: Picard

A tearful reunion of two of my favorite characters AND a dish described vividly and depicted in detail? It’s not my birthday, but it sure feels like it. Follow along this week as we recreate the hilariously Trek-appropriate “bunnicorn” pizza!

Roccbox Pizza Oven:

Music: “XXV” by Broke for Free

My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!

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60 Responses

  1. Binging with Babish says:

    Make it so? More like make the dough!
    Shields up? More like meals, yup!
    Captain Picard Day? More like…I got nothing you guys do it.

  2. Rain Dancer says:

    Babish: And this is the last time you will ever hear me say “bunnicorn”
    Me: **frantically rewinds**

  3. kcototheyoyoyo says:

    Thank god he has a cooking channel. Covid19 has literally postponed all the joys in my life😅

  4. lachie Bosman says:

    “I always like to add a little bit of nutmeg”

    You’ve made this before?

  5. Matthew Yorke Gambhir says:

    There was a lot of alliteration in this episode.

  6. Angelito Olayon says:

    I like how Andrew ate his girlfriend’s crust when she left it on the table

  7. Katrin Kuhrmann says:

    I just made your “Chocolate Pudding from Scratch” and carried them over to my in-laws, who are in self quarantine. I put them on their door step (together with two bottles of Corona beer. Just because.) and they were so happy! Plus the pudding tastes delicious! Thank you for the recipe. Cooking is love and we need love more than ever right now!

  8. Tyler Davis says:

    4:04 I don’t like the way he said “taut little balls” 😂

  9. Sophia Rose says:

    The “I will if you will” makes me tear up every time

  10. Analogous Speak says:

    I thought Babish set his mail box on fire when he showed off that oven.

  11. Sir_Leaveowits_Da_1st says:

    Next Week:

    “Okay so they say it couldn’t be done, but I’m going to anyway, the perfect pb&j first will need atoms, so ever so slightly I’m gonna gather all the molecules in the room with my bare hands and like that the perfect pb&j. Now I understand that most of you don’t know magic so let’s use store bought this time around.”

  12. TFKEDGEMUSIC says:

    Me: I’m gonna go buy some ingredients to build the pizza
    Walmart: No you’re not.

  13. Quibbles says:

    Me, when Bunnycorn appears on screen: That looks so much like my mini poodle when she lies down…I feel uncomfortable
    **Babish saws it in half like butter**
    Me: ._. o: D:

  14. Afrika Smith says:

    Banish: And that is the last time I’m gonna say “Bunnicorn.”

    Me: But what if you get a request to make Bunnicorn stew?

  15. Cody Smith says:

    The world: “Easter is in like two weeks, are you excited to see the bunny?”
    Babish: “LOL watch this”

  16. badyetboujee says:

    “I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS” on netflix, her brother makes her this disgusting looking thing, that she said is surprisingly good

  17. Joe says:

    Townsend’s: NUUUUTMEEEEEG

  18. Tanner Burke says:

    “Now more than ever, keep cooking for the ones you love. I will if, you will”

    not gonna lie, that hit a little harder this time.

  19. literally S H O O K says:

    Me: * forgets to read the title*

    Also me: *Is ThAt A dOg*

  20. TOY FUN AND COLOR CLIPS Toodlers says:

    Babish: And this is the last time you will ever hear me say “bunnicorn”

    Me: *frantically rewinds*

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