Binging with Babish: Crème de la Crème à la Edgar from The Aristocats

Binging with Babish: Crème de la Crème à la Edgar from The Aristocats

Oh Edgar, you sly old fox. Drugging and kidnapping kittens for profit, you rapscallion. Spiking milk with barbital like some droog from A Clockwork Orange, you madcap rascal. YOU COULD’VE HURT MONSIEUR ROQUEFORT. I’m glad he tied your shoes together.

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71 Responses

  1. Binging with Babish says:

    Hey guys – if you know any fans of the show that inspire you, make you happy, or are having a particularly tough time this year, please send email to and tell us their story.

  2. Patavinity says:

    I’m pretty sure they were biscuits (cookies), not crackers.

    • Albinojackrussel says:

      +Mijacogeo that’s why in the UK we differentiate between cookie and biscuit. Cookies are soft and get hard when they’re stale. Biscuits are hard and get soft when they’re stale.

      And crackers are thin and have a loud snap and are savoury.

    • Athena Conde says:

      +Albinojackrussel We differentiate between cookies and biscuits too. Our biscuits are like a fluffy savory almost bread like kind of thing. Cookies are sweet and dessert

    • BenevolentOwlGod says:

      +Albinojackrussel I think you’re confusing the difference between cakes and biscuits; this is the standard argument given for why a jaffa cake is a cake and not a biscuit. All cookies are biscuits and I can assure you they go even softer when stale. However not all biscuits are cookies.

    • Jack Evans says:

      +BenevolentOwlGod I was honestly about to say no, you’re the one who’s confusing things.
      Then I realized this is a debate over semantics. On the Internet, no less. In a comment section, at that.

    • Emma Palmer says:

      +Athena Conde your biscuits are called either dumplings or scones over here. (Aus)

  3. Amber Beam says:

    “THIS IS MY JOB!” – Babish scrams as milk drips from him beard.

  4. Asap Animation says:

    I love the aristocats! Really underrated and somewhat racist at times!

    • Sam Bellows says:

      nothing quite like old school Disney racism. “what makes the red man red” from peter pan for another example. we’re nowhere near perfect yet but by golly we’re making progress!

    • Benjamin Geiger says:

      +Sam Bellows “We are Siamese, if you please…”

      And let’s not forget the crows from Dumbo.

      Yeah, Disney has a history of being a product of its time.

  5. summer says:

    you should do a “studio ghibli” episode where you do the buffet foods from spirited away , the ramen from ponyo and the milk tea drink from ponyo
    i had a marathon while babysitting last week and wondered “what would it taste like in the world of andrew ?” love aristocats and this video this recipe looks pretty great tbh !!

  6. Danielle Silva says:

    As a kid after watching this I would dip my Ritz crackers in milk and nibble it like the mouse! This brought me back to my childhood. You are the flippin best!! Also this is random but can you make dumplings from Kung Fu Panda? =0 !! <3 !!

    • MistressZelda says:

      I used to do the same! Haha glad I am not the only one. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

    • Haley Bryant says:

      It’s funny I was going to comment the same thing. My Mom used to get upset with me for getting cracker crumbs everywhere because I wanted to eat like a mouse.

  7. Wat says:

    Hot vanilla sounds way better than hot chocolate, what is wrong with you? How is hot vanilla not already a thing?

    • Makenzie Stieber says:

      @Alice Rose Starbucks as well as a few others (tho I cant confirm they didn’t get the name from Starbucks lol)

    • fun2building says:

      +Maui Randall You’ve taken the unfortunate and very wrong idea that vanilla somehow equals default to its logical extreme

      I would be impressed if I wasn’t so distressed

    • Jack Sheppard says:

      You could blame Vanilla Ice for that!

    • Julius Zeppeli says:

      @Wat after this pfp people raid is done we are having another owner where people have the same one as I. C O M M E N C E

  8. kingofwaffles13 says:

    this part was mesmerizing to watch as a kid…good choice Babish<3

  9. matijs van kempen says:

    Can you make a bad excuse to make croissants. Something like the croissants from the Phineas and Ferb rollercoaster episode. Thanks

  10. Cienfuegos says:

    “Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ritz Crackers”

  11. Lucas says:

    Oh yeah yeah baby

  12. NULLPTR says:

    Now do oeufs a la Jenny avec cocoa krispies from Oliver and Company.

  13. R S says:

    Make Principle Skinner’s steamed hams !!

  14. 151Bryce says:

    i wanna see you drink some rig juice from regular show (edit) and the mississippi queen

  15. Cinnamon Roll says:

    Peruvian Puff Pepper Salsa from Drake and Josh

  16. Richard Floyd says:

    The biggest cracker I ever saw was around 6′ 7”.


    4:26 Lmbo I thought those were 2 burnt crackers??.

  18. That one guy says:

    He scribble
    He he might dribble
    But most importantly
    He nibble

  19. Cali AirmanB17 says:

    Not sure that Edgar served his Crème de la Crème as warm as you had yours. Cat tongues are sensitive to heat, so they would have to consumed it at room temp, or else the kitties would’ve hissed in disgust and the roofies would fail.

  20. Drake Pipkin says:

    You should make a Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich.

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