Binging with Babish: Dutch Baby from Bob’s Burgers

Binging with Babish: Dutch Baby from Bob’s Burgers

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  1. Micha De Groot says:

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  2. Pinkus Dean says:

    Oh so it’s a sweet yorkshire pudding. Thats pretty cool

    • Evie Addy says:

      It belongs with roast beef, gravy and the rest of a Sunday dinner

    • Alexander Roderick says:

      More like a gigantic popover.

    • recoil53 says:

      +Alexander Roderick Isn’t a giant popover merely a Yorkshire pudding? Same batter, different size cooking vessel/

    • MsCpcheats says:

      +Alexander Roderick You can’t take something as traditional and integral to a society as Yorkshire Pudding and rename it to something ridiculous like ‘popover’.

      As a native and representative of the great county of Yorkshire, I demand this thread is corrected and the correct and proper nomenclature used. Otherwise, we will round up every American in York (and there’s a fair few of them here) and deport them to France.

      We don’t send people to France lightly, so I hope the severity of this punishment clearly underlines how strongly we feel about this.

      Al sithee.

    • Mark Hulme says:

      +Alexander Roderick ​ Please don’t call it a popover, it’s a Yorkshire pudding, and it has been for the last 280 years.

  3. ziljin says:

    Bob’s Burgers dishes are the bestest!

  4. Spyro Frost says:

    “Dutch Baby Batter” Babish please.

  5. Aurora Richard says:

    hey babish, you probably won’t see this but i made your beignets from chef and the rum ham from always sunny. it turned out really good, and i wanted to say that as an aspiring cook, i adore your videos

  6. Jesse Perez says:

    Hi love your channel I’m 14 and you showed me recipes that wowed my family

  7. Waheed Abdullah says:

    Make cucumber sandwiches and/or peppermint iced tea from Hilda

  8. Sam Jannaki says:

    On the topic of Christmast and Pancakes. You should try to make “Æbleskiver”. Its a Danish dish, eaten in the holidays. It roughly translates to “apple cuts”. Its kinda missleading tho, since most ppl nowadays dont even put apple in them. But they are basically pancake batter in a hollow sphere, that you – Traditionally, put a cut of apple in. Its served with Powdered sugar and Rasperry Jam. *And its fucking amazing!*

  9. xxss says:

    who cooks baby like that

  10. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen says:

    I feel like a kid again, waking up to a babish vid on Christmas.

    • SNAP_BAK KID says:

      +eclipse original comment said and I paraphrase”I feel like a child again waking up to a banish vid on Christmas” and then goober smack said and I paraphrase” tht makes no sense, no child has ever woke up on christmas and wat he’d a banish vid. And since the original comment was being satirical and goobersmack said it didnt make sense and then tried to back up his claim by saying “no child has ever woken up to a banish vid” would have been him taking a joke and being serious about it, which is why i then used a dead subreddit/meme to make light of his humorous short coming. (I cant speak for goober smack but Im guessing he/she was also having a bit of fun with that comment which is why I TRIED to have some fun also and include my own comment) so in conclusion eclipse please keep my name out of your mouth.

    • Forest Armstrong says:

      My childhood was magical too… not quite this magical, but still good. (he says whispering to himself)

    • RoboCam says:


    • SNAP_BAK KID says:

      +RoboCam yeah jus a Lil bit

    • Jane Doe says:

      Think she’s making the joke that he’s her daddy

  11. Insanity Major says:

    Please… PLEASE! Make the Captain Crunch casserole from Futurama for New Year’s Eve! It’s Frys favorite!

  12. ForgottenSpace says:

    Honestly one of the best Linda moments. “Oh my Dutch baby came out in 22 minutes, it’s a premie just like Jesus.”

    • TheLastHylianTitan says:

      ForgottenSpace “it’s a premie, just like Jesus” is the most surreal thing I’ve ever heard anyone say and I love Linda for saying it.

    • Default Skin 2.0 says:

      another quote by Linda in that episode “You can really taste the baby” or was that the candy cane truck driver who said that? i don’t remember

    • cambellfan22 says:

      I thought she said its creamy just like jesus

  13. The Waiting Flame says:

    Dear Babish, here’s an idea for you to work with: the foods presented in the Tolkien films.
    Whenever you’re willing, feel free to tackle these.

  14. Nikolas Floros says:

    You don’t have to make Dutch Babies sweet btw! Sub salt for sugar in the batter and then top with things like scallions, peppers, mushrooms, fried eggs, ham, etc. to have a delicious savory baby experience.

  15. Justin Y. says:

    Would you consider making the jelly banana from Steins;Gate?

  16. Zydrake Shogun says:

    If you read this comment, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I wish nothing but the best and great luck for the coming year. And please, leave a like and a reply. Happy Holidays.

  17. Phlinger Phoo says:

    I’ve always topped Dutch babies with Plenty of Powdered Sugar, add melted butter and lemon juice and they mix on top of the Dutch Baby to make a nice sweet/tart syrup. It’s really nice.

    • xXNiGhT lASaGnAXx says:

      Exactly! Bless his heart, but you don’t need all that fancy crap!

    • Sander de Veth says:

      That’s actually what the Dutch do with their pancakes, sweet stuff. Although savory is also fine. And no, a Dutch baby is NOT Dutch, it’s German. It’s likely a misunderstanding as Deutsch is the language Germans speak. Ofc, the Dutch are basically Germanic people from way back when 😛 We actually make pancakes more like the French make crêpes. Flat, but slightly thicker. Definitely not like this lol. I can imagine in the east of the Netherlands they might make something like this. It’s interesting how there’s foods in foreign countries that say it’s from another country, but it’s actually them who invented it.

  18. Dutch Duk says:

    Surprised and glad he did a Christmas episode, I hope you all enjoy your holiday no matter where you are or who you’re with Merry Christmas all!

  19. Tucker L says:

    All. The. Lunches. From. The. Breakfast. Club.

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