Binging with Babish: Pretty Patties from SpongeBob SquarePants

Binging with Babish: Pretty Patties from SpongeBob SquarePants

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34 Responses

  1. Liam Fitzgerald says:

    I actually didn’t watch that much SpongeBob growing up, but this episode is one of the ones I saw, and it stuck with me. I’ve since been educated on the show’s wonders in my adulthood, but these silly rainbow burgers will still stand out as one of my earliest experiences with this legend. Thanks for the nostalgia hit

    • Rachel Burke says:


    • N says:

      Same, when I was growing up the only time I could actually watch SpongeBob or Nickelodeon in general was when I went back to Germany because nickelodeon is a Freeview channel in Germany but I live in the UK where nickelodeon was a premium channel you had to get as part of a package so I was never able to watch it at home but when I did get to watch it I had loads of memories from shows and episodes because of how infrequent I got the chance to watch them

    • Llorona says:


  2. Zul Tan says:

    Knowing almost nothing about cooking, I realized I have watched way too many of your videos in my life, when wondering if tomato paste would have done the trick for the color in the red patty instead of food coloring. Even though it’s only gradual, thanks to you I start thinking creatively in the kitchen nowadays 🙂

    • Kairu Hakubi says:

      @TheTacoMan This. The way things change color as they go along is vital to this kind of food prep, so you really need to use beets for red, tomatoes for orange, oranges for yellow, etc. Beets CAN be turned purple with the right pH, just like how red cabbage can be changed from red to blue. I’ve had some bright electric purple borscht before, it was incredible.

    • TheTacoMan says:

      it probably would work, but tomatoes can end up making dough more orange when cooked, I’d probably mix tomato paste with a small bit of beet juice to balance out the orange with some purple

  3. Ignacio De Geyter says:

    This felt like an old school episode, complex but funny and interesting.

  4. Andrew Pappas says:

    Honestly, Pretty Patties is like Instagram food before Instagram was a thing; Solid mix of food and aesthetics

  5. Eric Spaeth says:

    Petition for Babish to make bowtie French fries with edible bows, and sequin milkshakes

  6. That Indie Reviewer says:

    I actually started feeling emotional seeing the patties laid out on an artist’s pallet. I miss the more cartoonish foods being made a reality.

  7. Misterjersey54 says:

    Pretty Patties is one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes and now I’m seeing it turn into reality.

  8. Tomagunchi says:

    Love the fact the Babish creatively incorporated veggies to color the burgers instead of copping out with food coloring. So fun to watch!

  9. Elemental HERO DaGreat Neos says:

    I miss these types of videos which range from 8-12 minutes. I know it’s just me but I just love these where Babish also tries to educate his viewers.

  10. Kim Kinney says:

    WHOA! I’ve been wanting this. I wanna see Andy attempt to make a tasty version of the Jelly Patties. That’s all I want most.

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