Binging with Babish: Sea Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts

Binging with Babish: Sea Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is the unlikely Disney crossover RPG that has a serious predilection for neon-teal ice cream bars – or so I’m told. I’ve never played it ?but I am your humble servant in the recreation of the foods from fiction, so as always, I’ll do my darnedest! Let’s start with a gelato al fior di latte (sort of), and see if we can master the art of no-churn popsicles!

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62 Responses

  1. Binging with Babish says:

    My donald duck impression: too perfect or just perfect enough?

  2. Aubrey Stafford says:

    Oh man I didn’t know Gollum was in Kingdom Hearts! Love you Babish!

  3. Ghost Assassin says:

    “Let’s eat some ice cream”
    “We are best friends”
    “You are right”

  4. Brian V says:

    Who else thinks he should have referenced “this might be a good spot to find some ingredients”

  5. Electroverse says:

    i’m loving the amount of KH fans im seeing in the comments rn

    You guys are my people

  6. just kiddinq says:

    “A scattered dream that’s like a far off memory,
    A far off memory that’s like a scattered dream.
    I want to line the pieces up… yours and mine.”

  7. Project Destati says:

    This looks absolutely delicious <3 I'll set aside some time this week to make this recipe myself--thanks!

  8. ZeroCharistmas says:

    We’re going to need a follow up with the Little Chef recipes from KH3.

    Also the Meowscular Chef’s feast from Monster Hunter World.

    • madestmadhatter says:

      Oh they made a cold tomato soup with watermelon as an ingredient, I’d like to know if that’s a legit thing.

  9. E Z says:

    Absolutely loved this as a kingdom hearts fan

  10. Erin M says:

    Since I’m about as simple as they get, I always just assumed the ice cream was made by freezing some part salt water, more part regular water with sugar and coloring.
    This is…a lot more complex

  11. Drayfon says:

    The Japanese voice actor for goofey past away yesterday RIP

  12. SamuraiLee says:

    0:07 wait don’t play the Kingdom Hearts music. Ahhhhhh, it’s too good oh no the feels. NOT THE FEELS!

  13. calypsis says:

    “For this week we’re taking a look at the sea salt uce crem from Kingdom Hearts 2”


  14. BlueRrew says:

    When you enter the Binging with Babish kitchen:


  15. Salvador Fuentes says:

    Please recreate the Red Wheelbarrow pork ribs from Mr Robot S03

  16. Will says:

    Babish you sound more like Smeagol than Donald Duck at the end there.

  17. kozmik__WZRD says:

    Babby: the only ingredients in this are milk, cream and sea salt. That’s it.

    Also Babby: let’s crack some eggs and pour some sugar.

    • Xion Memoria says:

      Watch it again and pay attention. He said those were the only star ingredients, as in, the only ones added for flavor.

  18. Frederatormusic says:

    How about making some Poffins from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl? They seem yummy!

  19. simbadg13 says:

    Now I just a really tall clock tower, a sunset, and friends….

  20. Gabriele Nicoli says:

    I must say Andrew, your “gelato al fiordilatte” pronounciation was top notch. I have no certificate other than my citizenship to say this but you get an “italian mark of approval”.

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