Binging with Babish: The Cake from Portal

Binging with Babish: The Cake from Portal

The cake, as they say, is a lie. But this one isn’t: a classic black forest gateau, soaked in kirsch and laden with cherries, served entirely without fish-shaped solid waste. Stick around after the show for a sneak peek at “Being with Babish”, premiering March 22nd!

Music: “Juparo” by Broke for Free

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44 Responses

  1. Frank Bradley says:

    More Parks and Rec foods please BWB!! =)

    Lovely episode like always!

  2. Steve Nash says:

    Club sandwich from scooby doo

  3. nddragoon says:

    i’m surprised you hadn’t made this before

  4. DeathWish808 says:

    The recipe including the measurements and instructions are in the game, so this isn’t quite accurate, but hey, close enough.

  5. Alyssa Vantong says:

    “You know, like how you make whipped cream. I know it doesn’t make sense, but there it is.”

    Babish really gets me.

  6. Max Dweck says:

    I would’ve liked to have seen you try to make it with some of the ingredients mentioned in the game’s recipe.

  7. Micah Philson says:

    What happened to making things following the original recipe before trying to make it taste good?

  8. Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun says:

    Such a cool name for the new series, where did you get the inspiration for it?

  9. MMA Fan boy says:

    But I thought it was a lie, the game lied about it being a lie

  10. Mroid Idontwanttogivemyname says:

    Nothing on the table in the intro I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE

    • tsakibubis says:


    • rita lebsack says:

      I dont get it

    • Izzy the Pooh says:

      +rita lebsack In the game the villain promises you cake for your accomplishments, constantly. As you go through the levels, you reach a point where you go out of bounds in the testing area. there you see someone wrotr “the cake is a lie” repeatedly on the walls, suggesting that there IS no cake.
      So at the beginning of his videos he usually shows a few of the ingredients to make the recipe, but since there is no cake, he showed nothing.

  11. Mister Tree says:

    Damnit Babish, where’s the fish-shaped crackers, candies, solid waste, dirt, and ethylbenzene?!
    But in all seriousness, ya should’ve at least put fish-shaped crackers and fish-shaped candies!

  12. Th3 RandomN3rd says:

    Yeah but why didn’t you make it using the recipe given?

  13. Salt Man says:

    Disliked, do the original first man! Then show the improvement! I want to see the awfulness that would come from a cake made in the way discribed.

  14. neilomac says:

    Portal is in the Half Life universe.

    Portal Cake has 3 layers.


  15. Solitude717 says:

    I’m looking forward to that fish shaped dirt.

    (Edit) I’m disappointed

  16. Kurt Yarish says:

    While this is a good and tasty looking facsimile, the actual recipe for the Portal cake (which was based on a cake made at a local Seattle bakery) is listed in the game on computer monitors, and can also be found on the Portal Wikia. I’m sure you can’t go wrong either way, but the option is there for those seeking the most authentic experience.

  17. Shane Ripplinger says:

    Thank you for your awesome vids! Can you please make the Apple Pie Recipe from What Remains of Edith Finch please?

  18. Doggo Dom says:

    Since you’ve done foods from movies and video games, why not do a food from a _book_
    I suggest you make the Vegan Shepherd’s pie from Scott Pilgrim vs the World

  19. grapevine says:

    Like your videos, but I liked when you would make the food from the original recipe and then put your own spin on it to make it taste good.

  20. Naila Alam says:

    Can you make blue food from Percy Jackson

    Even tho it’s a book

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