Binging with Babish: The Good Place

Binging with Babish: The Good Place

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Food from The Good Place (and, well, everything else from The Good Place) reads like a fever dream: giant shrimp terrorizing the neighborhood, fountains of clam chowder, frozen yogurt in every conceivable flavor. Today, we’re seeing if we can make some of these bizarre concoctions palatable – and throwing in some jalapeño poppers for good measure.

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55 Responses

  1. Binging with Babish says:

    Sorry I didn’t make my own peeps, I’ll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

  2. Zone Doll says:

    Babish: i’m on a diet
    Also Babish: **eats an entire bowl of chocolate rice pudding**

  3. Angry Irishman says:

    I, on behalf of your audience, would like to thank you for sacrifices for the sake of science.

  4. Seth P says:

    If crunchy roll sponsors another video you should make the Italian food from JoJo’s bizarre adventure

  5. Andy Hoster says:

    What, no egg salad from a hospital vending machine in Azerbaijan?

  6. my dude says:

    you should make lobster Thermador from the lego batman movie

  7. sandhya dhakal says:

    Can you do the best burger in NY from How I Met Your Mother??

  8. Zackary Ogle says:

    Tbh I’m a slight disappointed you didn’t make Full Cell Phone Battery flavored Froyo.

    • EdibleDice says:

      Yeah and it’s so easy, there’s even a song about how to make it
      “You charge your phone,
      All to 100%.
      You charge your phone, all to 100%.
      You make the fro yo (yeah) the fro yo (yea-a-a-h).
      You de-shell the phone (mmmmm MM)
      You take out the battery (oooh) the battery (oooh) and make sure it’s at ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.
      And and add the fro yo yeah”

  9. Mia George says:

    make the gooseberry pie from Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

  10. Jedi White Wolf says:

    Can you do food from The Pirates of The Caribbean? Turkey legs, Whole Hog with the apple, rum in a coconut, poison apples (candied)

    You could also do the drinks from it but there are way too many ?

  11. Paul Skiff says:

    You were expecting a studio Ghibli comment…

    But it was me Dio
    (Stardust Crusaders Iced Tea)

  12. Jack Darling says:

    I was really hoping he would do the frozen yogurt

  13. Ben I think says:

    This is a match made in heaven
    *The good place

  14. Soph B says:


  15. Marc James Brugada says:

    I’m Filipino. Hearing you said “Champorado” makes me giggle like a school girl. Hahaha

  16. Ellis Shickman says:

    Babish: “what’s the closest thing to dessert chili? White rice pudding of course.”
    Me: “Of course!”

  17. Benjamine S says:

    you should do a part two with all the froyos, favorite meals, and Jason’s spicy Nick’s wings

  18. James Barrowman says:

    Now all we need is Charles’ weird recipes from Brooklyn-99 to complete the Mike Schur episodes

  19. Cameron Thomson says:

    I just about choked at
    “Unless you want to light your d*** on fire.”

  20. Matt Senosa says:

    My favorite breakfast champorado! Best paired with tuyo *dried fish*. Filipino food numbawan.

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