Binging with Babish: The Wire Special

Binging with Babish: The Wire Special

The Wire, when it’s not mercilessly killing off characters you’ve come to love and care about, is a showcase of Baltimore junk food specialities. Lake trout, pit beef, eggs cracked into beers – come for the gritty and heartbreaking depictions of heroin addicts and inner city grade schoolers, stay for the eats!

Music: “Heart Ache” by Broke for Free


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54 Responses

  1. morebakeder says:

    the broodwich please

  2. cresentcube says:

    My mum used to make buttered trout and trout soup. It was awesome.

  3. Minzork says:

    Just make Garfield’s lasagna already

  4. Karran M. says:

    “Binging with Babish has uploaded a new video”

  5. Dylan Bourgard says:

    My fryer’s a little small so I’m gonna sort of do one after another for the sake of e-fish-ency

  6. God says:

    Make the Protein Blocks from Snowpiercer!!!!!!!!!!

  7. UnPhayzable says:

    When are you making *The Glass of Water* from every TV show?

  8. Jacinthe Bourbonnais says:

    You should make Dexter’s breakfast

  9. tan da says:

    Do some of the foods form shokugeki no souma season 1 and 2

  10. Ethan Choi says:

    Great now do meth from Breaking Bad

  11. Wormmu says:

    I know it’s not a TV show or anything but could you make food from Skyrim? There’s even a cookbook in the game.

    • Antoine Jameson says:

      He’s worried someone will steal his sweetroll.

    • Lady Marmalade says:

      I wouldn’t follow any of the boring recipes in Uncommon Taste (the recipe for the Gourmet’s signature dish isn’t even a complete recipe – I think the joke is that the Gourmet is actually a really bad cook,) but I *would* like to see him make Elsweyr Fondue, Boiled Creme Treats, Juniper Berry Crostata, or Lavender Dumplings.

  12. Christian D'Amore says:


  13. Elliott Green says:

    They’re not “thick cut fries”, they’re chips damn it!

  14. chumprock says:

    Chap’s pit beef, accept no other.

  15. BayAreaMisfits says:

    Make Hawaii Five-Os kamekhonas shrimp truck

  16. Lun Hing says:

    Very good

  17. Cap'n 'Murica says:

    How are you gonna do The Wire and not make crab cakes?

  18. Omar Shmaitelly says:

    Do Big Smoke’s order next

  19. Max Marier says:

    Season 2 is highly underrated.

    • cubensis4life says:

      Max Marier I was kind of disappointed with it the first time I watched it but after seeing it two or three times now season 2 is just as good as any other season. I think it just throws people off with the change of scenery

  20. mugensamurai says:

    Thanks Mr. Peabody.

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