Bird karma

Bird karma

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20 Responses

  1. Mike Hatley says:

    You look like the kind of hipster fuck that would work at Trader Joe’s.

  2. zzz zzz says:

    id grab that little fucker by his little bird neck and rock bottom him

  3. Sam Hite says:

    santa cruz?

  4. MontagueProfessional says:

    It would be so cool if someone invented a way to fill the whole screen with video instead of the middle third.

  5. Alec Berg says:

    This is the last known footage of this poor, poor man.

  6. xDispersiion says:

    See you at the top of reddit with millions of views.

  7. Chill Trap Avatar says:

    Top 10 Saddest Weeaboo Deaths

  8. Jon Schwartz says:

    Your hair, mustache, glasses, and beanie look like a “Guy Who Works At Trader Joes” costume from a Spirit Halloween store.

  9. IVIegadude says:

    Da fuq, did this get posted on the_douche or something? Fuckin’ assholes in these comments, man.

  10. Bird Anonymous says:

    I’m the damn bird that hit you! What are you going to do about it? 😀

  11. Phil Philliber says:

    So much hate over how he chooses to style his hair lmaooo don’t y’all have anything better to do

  12. Hej says:

    did he died?

  13. sealless says:

    Sweet holy hell learn how to record a video. It’s 2017 – stop vertical video now!

  14. BT -7274 says:

    his body was later found that day hanging from a tree branch. this was the last known footage

  15. Nicks Corvette Stop says:

    Anyone else lose it when he said smug bastard and zoomed in on the bird?

  16. Armin Kiffhäuser says:

    Dude this bird just noticed you recorded vertically. I would have done the same. Good bird.

  17. RandomLuis says:

    My mum told me to hold my poop until I reach 2,500 subscribers, please help.

  18. spllitz says:

    this is fake. you can see the bird has a zipper

  19. Inabishin says:

    That is not a bird, that is a military grade weapon

  20. KnoSci says:

    BIRD UP!

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