Birdman Spoof – Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell | 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards

Birdman Spoof – Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell | 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards

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15 Responses

  1. Mugu S says:


  2. stryker7x says:


  3. BadMouseProductions says:

    Very funny! And well filmed.
    However when it comes to the ‘Independent’ Spirit Awards, I’ve got to be a
    little cynical and wonder whether or not these are really ‘Independent’
    films anymore. Because while they technically are, they’re getting award
    nominations by the dozens and huge acclaim aren’t really independent in the
    true sense? I dunno.

  4. Christopher Barr says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. mnchls says:

    what’s with all the interlacing yo

  6. ilse hdz says:

    This is pure gold 

  7. BlueFox94 says:

    The Oscars probably won’t have an opening as succinct and as funny as this

  8. So Jin Choi says:

    Now THAT’S an opening.

  9. kowei says:


  10. Rob Henderson says:

    Congrats to “Birdman” for the win last night!

  11. James Harris says:

    Was so exciting hearing you were part of the Spirit Awards!!! Never quite
    got into them before, even though I consider myself a supporter of
    Independent Film. Just felt more like a part of it this time. So cool.
    Wondering if it’s ok to include video from it? Oh why not…

  12. Dany Saadia says:

    La mejor parodia de Birdman para los Independent Spirit Awards

  13. Ken Chawkin says:

    Very funny!

  14. Richard Servello says:

    Well, considering Whiplash and Birdman are not independent in ANY WAY. That
    kinda defeats the purpose of an independent award. Studios step on

    Cool skit tho. Especially the “I love portlandia, but you only make 10
    episodes a year, you lazy bastard” line.

  15. Kenneth Bryant says: