Birdman Talks Gay Rumors, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & More On #EbroInTheMorning

Birdman Talks Gay Rumors, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & More On #EbroInTheMorning

Ebro and Laura were in Miami so they decided to get up with Birdman to see what Respek is to him.

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20 Responses

  1. Tracey E says:

    His tattoos are horrible. Esp on his arms

  2. Amit Sandhu says:

    no respek up in these comments y’all

  3. Gene Williams says:

    He didnt address that he seems to have represented bloods and crips.

    He has had GTV vodka for lots of years, but I have never seen that shit

  4. Almighty Sosa says:

    Alot of people in ymcmb have bad deals or their careers didn’t take off
    because theyre trash. Only big artist on ymcmb are wayne nicki minaj and

  5. Ray Cash says:

    I was gonna watch da whole video But i done thought dat was gangster

  6. TheGman says:

    That moment hot 97 has to put sum respek on his name Cus they at his house.

  7. Corey Farnham says:

    20:20 to 20:25 lmfaooo look at laura stylez when bird says “we super
    irrelevant in music” hahah Ebro just rolls with it

  8. djnes2k7 says:

    This dumbass talks in circles….”I never lost……..yea I lost

  9. selena smith says:

    Chile bye birdman birds of a feather flock together…bbrrr

  10. ybquis ybquis says:

    birdman seems cool

  11. GYancy410 says:


  12. Don Brand says:

    like his mental game here if he had been preped like this for charlamane
    and crew he might have beaten him at his own game

  13. Carproof Linehan says:

    Ebro on that Supreme hype now?

  14. That's What's UP T.v says:

    What about the city and HOUMA birdbeezy that’s where all the talent at

  15. UpUpAndAway y says:

    Fuck all that. Birdman is a Mf G

  16. Javarice Tolliver says:


  17. dakdak op says:

    when bm said he dont give a fuk ebro got that girly little gossip laugh

  18. D.Rabb says:

    He said google him but if u go to images the pic of him and wayne gone come
    up so he really did not have a point at 14:37

  19. thomas pridgen says:

    Mike Tyson should play Birdman in a biopic

  20. dc210dc says:

    this dude taking everyone’s money for real