Birth story— Baby Seewald #4! (Part 1)

Birth story— Baby Seewald #4! (Part 1)

Baby Seewald #4 has arrived! Here’s part 1 of the birth story! (Part 2 coming soon!)

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39 Responses

  1. Lena Hamster says:

    Congratulations Jessa and Ben.

  2. Iliana Ramirez says:

    How exciting Jessa! Baby Seewald on the way.. The Lord has you in the Palm of His hand! Prayers for a smooth, fast delivery! 🙏🏻 👶🏻

  3. Debbie Parker says:

    I have a cat named Ivy when you called your daughter Ivy my cat came running.🤣🤣🤣

  4. Brittany Cournoyer says:

    Henry has a point. No one has the name Runk lol

  5. Tracey Hellsten says:

    Where is part 2??? We wanna see baby Runk ! 😉😂 …Or….do we have a Runkette?? 😁😂

  6. Ames Pointer says:

    It’s probably harder to choose a name with such a huge extended family also. People in ours were SO defensive over names. lol I’m with Henry. I vote Runk. Haha I bet it’s a girl though. As a mom, I understood that prepping the kids for being happy no matter what comes home.

    • Sara Jackson says:

      I think it’s a boy and his name is Theodore! But I’m down with Runk too! 😂 I love Henry. He’s too cute! I have a Henry too! I love when I bump into mamas with the same names for their kids, I just say “you have great taste in names!” I don’t get all this possession over names 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Charles Latham says:

      @Sara Jackson I don’t get why people get so worked up about Ivy, Evie Mae, and Evie Jo. Like first off none of them actually have the same name just 2 of them have the same nickname, but with Jinger living in LA and Joy in Arkansas they will barely be together. The only thing I would be mad about is if I told someone my name I had for my child and they decided to change the name they already had picked out

    • Blass says:

      Runk? Please no.

    • Katie Quinn says:

      @Blass …he’s a child lol. Obviously she’s not naming her kid Runk.

    • Shonda Stegemoller says:

      Please no with Runk

  7. Elizabeth Grogan says:

    I didn’t name my daughter until she was born. I had decided against knowing the gender because I wanted to be surprised. The moment I saw her I knew her name. It totally suits her.

  8. Kelsey T says:

    makeup or not, pregnant or not, hair done or not- jess is hands down just absolutely stunninggggg! beautiful ✨

  9. LeeAnn Heck says:

    I think that if you pass on
    naming the baby Runk… you’ll need a family pet,maybe a hamster or a gecko!!!

  10. Ashlie Leavelle says:

    Expecting my first child. A girl. After years of infertility. Naming her Madeline Grace.

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