Birthday gift

Birthday gift

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20 Responses

  1. Smokeyrainbow Bro says:

    im such a shitty boyfriend

  2. Eric M says:

    Hey it’s me, your other gf

  3. Absurdist says:

    You did good mate, you did good.

  4. Tyr “Daishi” Nordmann says:

    Man they’re cute. Somehoe watching the scenery though I was expecting a red
    truck with a redneck any second trashing that car. GTA changed the worlds
    view on american parking lots…

  5. clrok says:

    Good man 🙂 You just gave her one of her best memories ever, lucky lady!

  6. Chuck McCleskey says:

    This made me smile hard. Great video!

  7. hawaomar100 says:

    This is so refreshing. All the other popular youtube videos are about

  8. Gabriel_89_91 says:

    I see these people happy and crying while I gotta take teh bus :(

  9. burnzy3210 says:

    “I want to show you something but you can’t look”

  10. Black Guy says:

    LIKE = in 5 days Something amazing will happens in your LIFE

    Subscribe = Help me reach 1k :)

  11. Ashwin Asokan says:

    Baby asks… Baby gets..

  12. Zion says:

    girls dont like cars if theyre not out the same year u get it so… she
    didnt like the car

  13. jim hugh says:

    chick’s gonna be riding him more then the car after this

  14. ExpressOnRs says:

    Hey, I’m the guy who fucked your wife!

  15. I_Extreme_I_Player_I says:

    Well we all know someone got lucky that night

  16. Dominic Tiatia says:

    Who at YouTube accidentally put this at #1 on trending.

  17. Guywithcrazyideas says:

    What a great couple. I wish them the best life ever.

  18. Weloc says:

    shortly after, he was dumped because she noticed the vertical filming.

  19. King Moron says:

    Boring as fuck i funny how people want to have gaze on him ! hahahaha

  20. World+Savior says:

    Good man