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66 Responses

  1. Sameira says:


  2. Worthless Youth says:

    Birthday is just going out to eat something I want.. That’s it but food is life.. Kids at class never say shit, no cakes or celebration.. Don’t really care tho.. It’s just another dayπŸ˜‚

  3. Madeleine P says:

    I hate having a birthday on 26th December cos all I get is presents that are for Christmas and my birthday, and no one has time for birthday parties on Christmas lmao

  4. LoStar Covers says:

    Brithdays R Not Exciting If Miss Someone OneπŸ˜”

  5. A Lonely Youtuber says:

    Happy birthday Dominic Ponjibob!

    I forgot how to spell it

  6. No NaCl says:

    Everyone having a birthday on the same day might not be so bad…especially when my birthday is usually where every single test takes place anyways so I revise instead of celebrating…

  7. michael mcderp says:

    For me I don’t mind getting shirts.

    As long as they are cat shirts.

  8. An Account says:

    I mean Koreans on the other hand *inhale* (I might be wrong but) THEY HAVE BIRTHDAYS LIKE EVERY NEW YEARS? So like on their birthdays they age right? But then on New Years EVERYONE JUST BUMPS UP A YEAR


    • amal hallouzi says:

      When the new year arrivers, every Korean citizen turns one year older. And babies that are born are automatically one year old. So they dont age on their birthdays, but during the new years. Idk how many but Koreans do celebrate their birthday if they want to.

    • Lucifer says:

      amal hallouzi We celebrate the actual day of our birthday. We just use the lunar thing as a way to avoid the “I’m a month older!” thing. Age heirarchy is a big thing.

    • artianwen β€’ says:

      +amal hallouzi so if a baby is born on December 31st, does it become two years old the next day?

  9. silversonic99 says:

    5:50 those are two different things . It’s perfectly fine to owe someone chance. But that’s all it is. A chance. I agree with the girl, at least give the guy a shot, if it doesn’t work out well that’s life

  10. Lucie finch says:

    I was born on the 29th of February my parents celebrated my birthday on the 1st of March and every 29th of February I get a larger celebration (also we age like a normal person)

  11. єуѕєσυl says:

    I’m 13 and I didn’t really get excited when it was my birthday. It was just another ordinary day for me.

  12. Altatude Animations says:

    My aunt is 9, but she’s like 30

  13. The Average Joe says:

    Every episode
    *is it gonna be sponsored by AUDIBLE or CRUNCHYROLL*

  14. Tyler Landreth says:

    First, Happy Birthday. Second, it will be extremely happy for not just your Birthday, but Mom & Dad as well. For me, I sometimes giving a small gift for Mom Birthday for it. Aunt has well.

  15. Marcus Justiniani says:

    wait…. did domics just upload? today is like my birthday!

  16. Trover19 says:

    lowkey using your free audible trials for classes

  17. Jaymus Suarez says:

    Its everyone’s birthday today smh

  18. Katherine Kelley says:

    My birthday is on the 25th of November. It was always hard to have a birthday party on my birthday since all my friends were on Thanksgiving break, so my parents always celebrated it a few weeks before my birthday.

  19. Maxi G_MLG says:

    2:30 Its my bday!! (Adolf Hitler’s too…)

  20. coolps321 says:

    Says the app is free but u have to pay for subscription …smart :/

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