Bishop in agony as he’s stretchered off

Bishop in agony as he’s stretchered off

Ben Bishop was stretchered off the ice in the first period after going down in agony clutching his left leg while moving around in front of his net.

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20 Responses

  1. Champwsox05 says:

    I was thinking ACL maybe…

  2. Diamondback2121 says:

    That should at least be a 2-3 game suspension

  3. Adam Moreira says:

    I would be surprised if I saw Bishop again this postseason. It’s
    Vasilevskiy for however long Tampa Bay is in for the rest of the playoffs
    and possibly much of next season too.

  4. Gracie and Brianna says:

    praying for a speedy recovery

  5. Ken Hamada says:

    I just hope this does not become a pyrrhic victory for the Lightning. At
    least unlike Price, no Penguins player ran into him, intentionally or not.

  6. Al Simmons says:


  7. Shimura Shinpachi says:

    cmon Penguins…you only have to deal with Vasilievsky you better win the
    next game and however many Bishop is out for

  8. Stephen Smith says:

    Silly penguins fans thought they had the game in their head. Little did
    they know our backup is great as well. and just wait till stammer comes
    back. Your in for a treat

  9. Zack Ashby says:

    Carey price injury

  10. Cris Py says:

    Totally faking it

  11. Elihu Gideon says:

    Reminds me of Roloson in 06’

  12. deh javuh says:

    Vasy is a solid goalie. Lol and the Penguins have Matt Murray. So no one is
    worried about anything.

  13. Ephesians_6:12 says:

    never want to see that! God Bless Ben!

  14. PikaMew 100 says:

    Hey it was Friday the 13th

  15. Sir_Clovis says:

    Poor guy, has had the shittiest luck with post season injuries lately.

  16. NoIdeasOriginal says:

    Classy penguins fans booing after he’s down

  17. Matt Musky says:

    Why do the Penguins get such a lucky break? they don’t deserve it

  18. SPACE POTATO says:

    Lightning don’t rely on just one player like all the Habs/Price fans
    getting off on this.. & Vasy is way better than givin credit for. Lightning
    wont be stopped by this & Bishop may be back soon anyway, nothing broken.

  19. John Dubay says:

    ah that sucks. :(

  20. zShoot2kill88YT Studios says:

    This cracks me up! Doesn’t look like there gonna win a cup. Wonder why from
    this year and now last can you guess why?