Michael Bisping reacts to Jake Paul losing to Tommy Fury in the huge boxing match. Jake Paul was beaten by Tommy Fury over 8 exciting rounds – Bisping weighs in.

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34 Responses

  1. Zrizzy7 says:

    Really did expose that Jake only knows how to load up for a heavy overhand right. He was very heavy on that left leg, and always seem to refer to a ducking position where he would just duck his head downwards when he was in trouble or begin hugging. I have to agree that Tommy impressed with how professional his work was, he was far more of a textbook boxer sticking to a plan and being patient

  2. kiezer sosay says:

    I love how he says “im not gonna kick em while hes down” as he’s climbing as high as he can to drop an elbow…lol jake has it all coming.

  3. zedooncadhz says:

    It is mad to remember Tommy is 23 and I think about what I was doing at 23 and it was nothing like facing this kind of pressure. Props to him for walking out on his own to face an opponent in a ring with millions of people watching like he did, that alone takes big boy balls that us armchair warriors can only imagine. Not saying there’s not boxers in here but this was close to a national event in terms of viewership

  4. Lucas King says:

    Happy for Tommy but he needs to get away from his dad. Agreeing to that all or nothing deal was ridiculous. Even if Tommy was certain he was better anything can happen in boxing. There’s cuts, there’s dodgy stoppages, bad judging, can do everything right and still lose.

  5. David Patterson says:

    People need to remember, Tommy is only 23. His Mrs just had his baby he obviously misses being in camp. Pressure was on him about his surname and Jake being a “YouTuber”. Tommy handled it so well. Respect

    • Mr 147 says:

      @Jimmy Nesbit Nobody thinks he is a high level boxer they think he is a novice professional.

    • CrimsonChinn says:

      @Lia genevieve and jake paul said he would beat canelo it doesnt mean its true lol

    • Stephen Cox says:

      @Jimmy Nesbit tommy doesn’t have natural power aka the equalizer. you’re forgetting that part. Jake isn’t necessarily learning how to box. Hes learning how to set up hard punches in a fight. That’s his path to victory. That power made an easy ud win for fury turn into a close split decision fight.

    • Jimmy Nesbit says:

      @Professional Shittalker what man stops working after he’s had a baby ! A terrible father who can’t provide that’s who. Boxers don’t work 8 hours a day lol he should have had so much more free time with his child. Why do I have to have kids to know dummy. If I had a child I’d provide even harder

    • Lia genevieve says:

      @CrimsonChinn he literally said himself that he had the weight of the world on him lol

  6. it's all jokes says:

    Really happy for tommy, he out boxed jake comfortably and deserved the win. Given the pressure put on him for the past 2 years he handled it brilliantly

  7. SM says:

    It’s so funny how Jake went from Pre-Fight saying he is at full power to Post-Fight saying he was ill, felt off, and not full self…

  8. Badman123 says:

    Being young and having not competed on a big stage before, I thought Tommy handled that pressure so well. You could see the emotion of 2.5 years of pressure come out afterwards.

  9. donald wilson says:

    Michael does a great job with the “breakdown” of this fight. His commentary is unbiased and his firsthand knowledge of the “fight game” is far superior to most commentators.

  10. Pete Doyle says:

    Yes this fight went the way I thought it would based solely on Fury’s superior technical skills however it was actually a much better fight than I expected, both men gave it all, yes I’ll happily watch the rematch.

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