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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is bitten by a Giant Desert Centipede!

This is it Coyote Pack, the culmination of Coyote Peterson’s bite experiments has lead him to this ultimate creepy crawly finale…taking a chomp from what is said to be the most painful bite of any creature in North America!

Long rumored to be even more painful than the bite of a rattlesnake, Coyote will find out “first hand” the effects of a Giant Desert Centipede bite all in the name of science to document this extreme wildlife experience.

Will this enormous Centipede live up to the tales that are told throughout deserts of the Southwestern Untied States?

Get ready to find out!

*PLEASE never attempt to recreate what is seen in this video. Centipede bites can be very serious if left untreated.

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20 Responses

  1. Scrub Gamez says:

    says he cant compose words as hes talking

  2. Mexico hetalia says:

    Every single biting video

    “Hello I’m coyote Peterson and I’m gonna be bit by something deadly and you don’t want to find these even 5 miles near you*

    *animal crawls *
    *black screen*


  3. Papi Love says:

    You are crazy

  4. Jim Lahey says:


  5. henry sawyer says:

    “I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m going to jump off a roof”

  6. pokemon fan MLG GAMERS FRIEND says:

    Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HarlyQuinn's Bea says:

    Omfg cyoty stop doing this to itself o am balling u love ur in so much pain

  8. FractionOfDave says:

    Coyote are you a scientist or a salesman, cause you’re sure not an actor.

  9. Dan Lancaster says:

    Hey Coyote, enter the hit zone with a bus

  10. Aaliyah Ramos-Acosta says:


  11. Jawz YT says:

    How my mom be pinching me at church to shut up.

  12. Creamy Cookie says:

    Your absolutely CRaZY

  13. Matthew Baptiste-Derrick says:

    Be barve and u discribe the pisons combonace

  14. Chiefchirpa1234 says:

    Coyote: *screams of agony*
    Mark: u okay?

  15. Romes Link says:

    lol that did not look like fun 😛

  16. Colin Stannage says:

    OH NOOOO!!!!!! IS HE OK

  17. Jenna says:

    He was JUST about to cry, and he didn’t, ur a trooper, Coyote

  18. KermitPlayzGames says:

    Finnaly I’ve waited 2 years from the trailer to see this!

  19. MInh Ha says:

    Some balls of steel we have right here folks.

  20. Alex Hurtado says:

    Watched the whole ad so coyote gets more money, like if you do the same! He deserves it!

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