Bitten While Defending A Friend

Bitten While Defending A Friend

They tell you to stand up for what’s right when you’re young. They don’t tend to mention the consequences that can come with it. This is the story of how I got bitten while defending a friend from another kid and got in trouble for it.

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52 Responses

  1. TheRedTaco WithHotSauce says:

    I have a Hispanic mom so she’s extremely protective and I related so hard when she went HELL NO

    • lucia's-little- channel says:

      As a person with an argentinian mom and being argentinian myself, i had to beg her not to go talk with the principal a lot of times because she went overprotective mode XD

    • Denise Porter says:

      I loooove how much Latinas protect their children 💕

  2. XxWeïrdø WîšęXx says:

    Becca: tells her mom that she was bit Principal: why is the devil in my office?

  3. Angel Dust says:

    Happened to me back in my second year.
    We had a new transfer student who was well “touchy and pointy”. In his first day with us he starts touchin almost every person he can touch until he met my bestfriend. Now my bestfriend being a girl doesn’t like being touched so she sends a flying right hook at the new kid but the kid still ends up running and touching her right in the bxxb. She ran to me and told me what happened. The next day he tried touching me (Im a guy btw). And well since I was trained in Judo back in my second year I grabbed the kid’s arm and threw him to the floor while keeping him at a headlock. The principal called both of us and well lucky for me I wasn’t in trouble, the kid though was expelled because apparently he assaulted a teacher too.
    Hey Brian if you’re here good job being expelled asshole.

    • Blue Diamond says:

      now you make me wanna learn judo classes-

    • Cosmic Pixel says:

      Good for you m8.

    • ¡Azharel Blossom! says:

      @Blue Diamond Same

    • A Story in the Stars says:

      Dammit Brian.

    • Hackie Puffs says:

      Angel Dust reminds me of a girl who was in the grade above me. She was in my gym class and we had some beef but we only got physical twice. The second time ended with the game we were playing being banned altogether. I heard she got expelled once she got to high school and I wasn’t surprised and I think it might be true because I haven’t seen her in high school at all.

  4. Lord Voldemort says:

    “Oh no mom’s gonna be madddd”

    Mama Parham: *Yesn’t*

    • LMAM GAMING says:

      Well good thing it wasn’t a dog because i love em

    • Diane Sernek says:

      @LMAM GAMING me to

    • Tallon Jeffries says:

      I got in trouble once for defending a different kid and granted I did do something kinda bad (I turned the bully around and right hooked him) but my mother was actually really happy that I defended another kid and she was mad enough at the principle that she somehow managed to get my suspension to just a after school detention and I swear she put the fear of god into him because anytime after I got in trouble he always tried to just talk it out with me because she may only be 5’10 but she has a death glare that makes even my uncle who is as tall as I am now(6’6) tremble in fear

    • Panerabread4 Breadbread4 says:

      Tallon Jeffries.
      D a n g. I can relate.

    • jemima ratt says:

      Lord Voldemort 😂😂😂

  5. hannah drews says:

    Story time! I was bullied a bunch in high school. School gave a bunch lectures to tell them when bullying happened so I told them. They never believe me until one day when a kid pushed me so hard in to the lockers that I actually got a cuncution! Well an ambulance got called cause I wasn’t waking up from the hit to the head. My mom met me at the hospital and the next day she pulled me out of the school. I just wish schools would listen when kids tell them that there being bullied. Ps. I fine now, my head healed.

    • Box the Video says:

      After. The bullying what happened to the people that picked on you just wondering you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to

  6. Eggcezz orriez says:

    School: punishes rebbeca
    *Minutes later*
    Principle: *Why do I hear boss battle theme*

  7. mr ACK room foam fan says:

    Becca : *shows her mother the bite*

    Me : her mom didn’t even look at the bite to be mad

    My mom : your too young to understand the mom power

    • Jasmin Ramirez Castro says:

      That’s true my mom can tell what I’m doing WITH OUT cameras (sometimes)

    • Raisayuda Savana says:

      @Jasmin Ramirez Castro omg I always imagine that my mom is spying on me when I sleep late and it’s somehow creeps me out a lil

  8. Urisis says:

    America: has self-defense as a human right
    School systems: Imma pretend I didn’t hear that


    Teachers: Why is bullying such a problem?
    Also teachers: *punish anyone who tries to stop them *

  10. Freddi says:

    Rebecca: could of literally bleed to death
    School: lol ok

    • Kennard Lim says:

      She could have an infection from that bite

    • Emma Dietz says:

      *could have

    • Benjamin Weems says:

      School: **Sees kid with hood on** *Thats a federal offense*

    • Alidd Da says:

      Bully: bullys me
      Me: hits him chase him holds him in merceless way by my hand
      Parents: good thing you protect yourself
      School: oh wow he got him
      Teachers: I’ll punish this bully
      Principles: you could’ve just told us that he bullyed you and we will take care of it
      Also principles: doesn’t do anything
      Me:is he gonaa make him bully me as he wants

  11. Aesthetic Queen UwU says:

    Students Bullying: ya’ll hear anything?
    Student Shows Shoulders: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-

  12. vader vader says:

    Hall monitor: “sir their is a Mrs. Rebeca charging to your office” Principal: “…Fuuuuuuuuuuuu”

  13. mk1 proto boi says:

    bully: becomes a demon
    school: meh
    moter: *insert jotaro theme*

  14. TrainMaster15 says:

    “Look what milly did to me”.
    Mrs. Let me explain: “So you have chosen death”

  15. Ευτυχία Τάκου says:

    I have one. So when I was 16 I was a pretty gifted girl ifyouknowwhatImean and a boy was trying to kiss me. I never liked that even when I was 12 so you can imagine my FURY when a 16 year old boy was trying something like that. Then he touched my butt and it was game over. I went to the principals office and patiently waited for her to notice me. When I told her what happened she tried to laught it off and sent me off which in return made my blood boil so I started SCREAMING hat no matter what this kids issues were he had no right to touch me or anyone else in this way and if she doesn’t do something I will tell my dad ( with whom she had previously talked because she was teaching my class) and that’s when her face got serious. So long story short this kid never bothered me again and I gained the respect of the other boys. I also could protect my friends because of that. So having scary-looking parents is a big plus even when they are cinnamon rolls on the inside

  16. Youmna Khalid says:

    Millie: **Bites Rebecca**
    Rebecca: **Snaps and yells at her**
    Millie: **Suprised Pikachu face**

  17. can Sancar says:

    Bully: kills students
    School: **does nothing**
    Students: **defend themselves**
    School: You will die in 3…
    Parents: what the hell?
    School: you wouldn’t get it

  18. elFacho says:

    “Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire?”

    Mom asked calmly.

  19. Eon Theory says:

    Kid Rebecca: Look what Millie did to me Rebecca’s Mother: Oh Hell No

  20. Sir Cyan and Sir rhu says:

    Milly:Bites Rebeca
    Rebeca’s mom: “I’m fluent in six million forms of kicking your butt”

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