Black Friday: Christmas for Satan? Russell Brand The Trews (E374)

Black Friday: Christmas for Satan? Russell Brand The Trews (E374)

On this Thanksgiving Trews we ask: Can Black Friday fill the black hole in our souls?

Produced & edited by Gareth Roy.
Trews Theme by The Rubberbandits

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19 Responses

  1. Devan Velo says:

    Hi are you going to cover pizza gate?

  2. Ed Price says:

    bath was gud russell next time come to bristol :)

  3. Pryde Foltz says:

    So glad when you post your Trews. Your energy is much needed on here …
    and may I say tired looks good on you:)I hope you are one happy daddy:)

  4. The Deep Won says:

    Nice McDonald’s ad before the video Lul

  5. Gina Anderson says:

    I do not participate in black Friday madness. I have friends who wait all
    year for it. it’s the excitement they like.

  6. MDG says:

    Black friday is great! I got my 42 inch telly home, wiped the blood off the
    packaging of that woman i trod on. Really must recommend that packaging as
    is was dropped twice and the 2nd time a guys face recoiled from it really
    hard. I feel shopping for overpriced crap is exactly what Thanksgiving is
    all about and it contributes to its old tradition of fasting – I used Wonga
    to pay for the TV and they just took the payment out – so no food the rest
    of the week. Just used the TV’s internet feature to see it was cheaper –
    well everywhere really and delivered! It’s a traditional though over Twenty
    years old! Must sign off now – I haven’t bought anything for 5 mins so on
    to Amazon on that Internet TV.

  7. The Right Honourable Jimmy says:

    There was a stampede 3 years ago and a walmart temporary employer died,
    people injured and a pregnant woman lost her child because of that
    stampede. They were SCREAMING and people STILL climbed over and ran for the
    TVs. If people can’t BEHAVE , they should be arrested on the spot because
    of their greed and carelessness. That greed and carelessness claimed two
    lives but people still climbed over while they were hearing the screams and
    they didn’t stop, they ran for THAT FUCKING CHEAP TELLY. SCUM FUCKING SCUM.

  8. Strange Fruit says:

    5:09 “1,800 TV’s every minute” = 2.7 Million per day FFS !

  9. Liz Loria says:

    thanksgiving should be cancelled out of respect for victims of Dakota
    Pipeline violence.

  10. Rick “Hawk” Davison says:

    Wow? What about the North Dakota pipe line? Nicaragua? Is Israel on fire
    80.000 people evacuated? Nope, black Friday, beats all.

  11. Joe Driffield says:

    Rus! Indigenous North Dakotans are being tear gassed, taken hostage and
    shot with rubber bullets. Could we give this some true news light instead
    of people getting themselves whipped up about plasma televisions!

  12. Justin M says:

    Australia has a similar thing but held on Boxing Day, the day after
    Christmas Day. However this morning on crappy morning television they were
    advertising LOCAL Black Friday sales. My mother called me up later asking
    me what the hell it was all about. We don’t celebrate Thanks Giving
    obviously, but it seems Aussie retailers want to cash in on the idea too.

  13. Andrew Beadle says:

    It’s a mental sickness of the worst kind made worse by being promoted by
    the media. We wouldn’t have newsreaders cheering on schizophrenics in their
    crazy antics so don’t encourage this lot! ‘Primitive’, you’re right there

  14. Phoenix says:

    I would not be surprised if the Black Friday “Frenzy” was trailblased and
    dramatised by crisis actors as a publicity stunt.

  15. Sara N says:

    hah love u Russell. Come to Norway, we’d have alot to talk about.

  16. Vegan Geezer says:

    In the end these inanimate objects end up owning you . . . . .

  17. Holly A says:

    Thursday “I’m so thankful for everything I’ve got”
    Friday “I need more stuff! I don’t have enough!”

    Humans are retards

  18. Sloth from The Goonies says:

    Can you honestly blame people for taking advantage of bargains? We’re not
    all millionaire champagne socialists like you. I bodyslammed a small old
    lady and managed to beat her to the last Ultra-HD TV. I love the holidays!

  19. ghostcar says:

    I saw an wild wild fight between two white women and a ten year old boy
    over a game console. We all gathered around them like those at Thunderdome,
    cheering them on, the little kid was the victor and held up the box over
    his head. We all clapped. The other lady got a cut on her hand. The
    security were somewhere else at another fight – in the same store.