Black Friday – Movie Trailer

This Thanksgiving, America will learn that ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Check out more sketches on Maker.TV ►
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Mike McNeal

Courtney Pauroso

Jimmy Fowlie

Patrick Pope

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20 Responses

  1. OHardCorePipperO says:

    Seems like a Purge-esq trailer pretty cool

  2. Your MOM says:

    AND another shit movie!

  3. Usman Sultan says:

    waiting till cyber monday

  4. Steven Pineda says:

    Pretty funny

  5. iCrystalsaldii says:

    omg ill be that employee this week
    ….. DEAD 

  6. Steven Pineda says:

    This would be a great movie

  7. TheCookieGuy512 says:

    Watch this movie, IT WILL HELP THE ECONOMY!!!

  8. FiLiPiNOsEATriCE says:

    justkiddingfilms made this last year

  9. BestofVanWylder says:

    People should just wait til after Christmas and buy stuff


    I would like to think that this was intended to mock those who hurt or even
    kill innocent people, NOT to mock innocent people getting hurt or killed?

    More often than not, it is the innocent who fall victim to an angry mob,
    and rarely to the guilty ever injure themselves. 

  11. Seiclone37 says:

    I would totally watch this

  12. Nori Nova says:

    You can never have to many TVs, you women will never understand :(

  13. Bobby Pilster says:

    So glad I’m working at a Lowe’s and that my shift on Black Friday starts at

  14. bluepanther1984 says:

    My favorite part…
    …”I’m just a seasonal employee” -This line really got me. 😀

  15. SuperShanko says:

    Guh…. And I have to go to Best Buy on Thursday *as a shopper*. Fighting
    off a horde of shoppers stuffed to the brim with….. Stuffing.

  16. Numeral Gibbons says:

    ahahahahaah that was hillarious… ” BUT ITS BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!” >:C

  17. ScaredAntelope :D says:

    Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?

  18. Jaycee Arellano says:

    CECILLY (sorry if I spelled it wrong)

  19. Kauaimon says:

    Sofia The First! Heh.