Black Guys Discuss The Black Guy In Star Wars

Black Guys Discuss The Black Guy In Star Wars

”They went to a new planet, Planet Negroxe, and found a bunch of brothas.”

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20 Responses

  1. Khlo says:

    Someone homosexual in a movie that kids are gonna watch is fucked up…..we
    need no homo jet eye … EVER

  2. danielle taylor says:

    is the guy in the blue the guy from thug notes ????

  3. DelusionalDarcy says:

    The guy in the jean shirt looks like a young Danny Glover.

  4. KeepCalmAndCARRIEOn says:

    Anyone gonna talk about how Asia and Hong Kong shrunk this character down
    in all its theatrical posters?

  5. ellie su says:

    i feel like asian characters are much rarer to find in movies without them
    being stereotyped

  6. Sara Darko says:

    ahhh, sparky sweets!! Thug Notes is hilarious, nice seeing him on buzzfeed~

  7. Stephanie Ramos says:

    Lando & Mace Windu were the first black characters from Star Wars. It
    doesn’t matter if they weren’t main character because the main character
    here is Rey anyways. Did the people who wrote this even watch Star Wars?

  8. eli hauser says:

    K but Rey is the main character

  9. Emilyee 333 says:

    It’s fiiinnnnnnnn FINNNNN

  10. Ardhi Menggala says:

    my broo….I am black too man!!!! sharper black with slanted eyes…. :p

  11. Axo [Editor] says:

    Hes from attack the block good acter

  12. Kate Lee says:

    i wish there were more asians in famous movies too

  13. Laura Read says:

    stop critiquing actors on skin color and gender, instead focus on their
    performance and skills.

  14. Keepin It Real Fam says:

    discuss han solo’s death by his son kylo ren

  15. julio hernandez says:

    did he just said planet negros? dangg

  16. AztectheKing says:

    star wars already had a black Jedi….

  17. joe schmo says:

    Han solo dies

  18. DikWitCheezz says:

    Maybe a homosexual Jedi is next

  19. L Giver says:

    Han Solo dies by his son Kylo Ren whos real name is Ben Solo. Rey finds out
    she is a force sensitive and finds luke’s lightsaber and she meets up with
    him at the end of the movie on an island. Supreme leader Snoke is around 30
    feet tall and not much is known about him. Kylo Ren used to be Luke’s
    apprentice and then turned to the dark side. The starkiller base is
    destoryed by a thermal oscillator that gets destroyed by Poe the X-wing
    fighter pilot. Oh and Fin gets knocked into a coma.

  20. TheJohn9910 says:

    hopefully he doesnt die