Black Lab Plays “The Floor is Lava”

Black Lab Plays “The Floor is Lava”

This black lab refuses to put his back paws on the hard wood floor!


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20 Responses

  1. lps luna says:


  2. Jazmin Meza says:

    3 hehe

  3. rmsolympic1 says:

    Poor pooch, haha, just out of reach

  4. yemelin ortega says:

    So cute :3

  5. Maria Adina says:

    Black Lab Plays “The Floor is Lava”

  6. Dymeczka says:


  7. Zeldar From Planet Beldar says:

    The rug was home safe thats why. The rug was immune

  8. Jesus Contreras says:

    Annie are you okay?

  9. Michele W says:

    My Doberman sure hated the slick floors we installed. She misses her
    traction when she plays tug, but she’ll just go with it now and slide down
    into a huge stretch. My husky will run and put on the brakes and slide 10
    feet. LOL

  10. Leo Solis says:

    And no, all that barking isn’t annoying at all. {*sarcasm*}

  11. Reverend Felcher says:


  12. hungry4danish says:


  13. Noirling says:

    If the floor were hot lava, he would have burnt up.
    His toes were touching. Dumb dog. lol.

  14. Noirling says:

    I like how he looks around at the end like: why isn’t anybody HELPING ME!?!
    Can’t they see I’m in the midst of an existential dilemma?!?

  15. ayako ninomiya says:


  16. ayako ninomiya says:


  17. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    His front legs are burned off, he’s out.

  18. Amethyst Crystle says:

    lol i like this video

  19. Munizipalc Degrab says:

    Black Lab? Must be a local model not recognized anywhere else as a Black
    Lab : )