Black Lives Matter protesters and Bill Clinton repeatedly clash in Philadelphia

Black Lives Matter protesters and Bill Clinton repeatedly clash in Philadelphia

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20 Responses

  1. Ri3m4nn says:

    Well done Bill.

  2. Josh Woodyard says:

    Beyond disrespectful to scream when an ex president is talking. Ignorant
    people get no respect and wonder why their voices are not heard.

    dann right bill, those who won’t close their mouths have no education and
    no valid reasoning. just like to hear the sounds of their own voice.

  3. Not Real says:

    Bill welcomes people asking questions, until the question is about Bohemian

  4. Swanky Butters says:

    You people think about the last decent president we had and you have to go
    back to JFK and for his troubles he got a bullet. Was he perfect, far from
    it but he was actually trying to change things, in a world that doesn’t
    want to be changed for obvious financial reasons. So here we are… Sadly
    the best of the bunch is Hillary cause let’s be honest, if Bernie becomes
    president and he actually tries to do what he says he wants to, he’s going
    to get the JFK treatment.

  5. Nick Burris (Spitfire) says:

    His bill lead to less gun violence?! Is that why 2015 had more mass
    shootings than days?

  6. Kite Giedraitis says:

    If you want to know why the 90’s crime wave happened, and why it ended,
    read this article:

  7. softminimal1 says:

    Bill looks like he fucked one to many cheap hookers, losing his mind.

  8. Moonawrathic says:

    Thank you Bill, someone needs to shut up those stupid ignorant animals.

  9. Blu Norals IV says:

    That’s right the drug dealers flooded the neighborhoods with the drugs…
    that’s right the drug dealers flooded the neighborhoods with the guns. Guns
    which came from their privately owned manufacturing companies. We all know
    that all these drug dealers were just chilling with large boats airplanes
    at their disposal to bring these drugs and guns into their neighborhood.

  10. Joshua Gold says:

    maybe trump has a point, some people need their asses kicked.

  11. ezjapanesecooking says:

    President Bill Clinton cut black murder rate by 1/2 after the crime bill
    saving thousands of black lives that matter. No wonder those BLM hypocrites
    are angry.

  12. tom moore says:

    This is too funny – blacks whining that Clinton helped put black
    pushers/killers in jail. Why doggone it – that’s racist! ROTFLMFAO!!

  13. John Roberts says:

    I hate this mfer,what a fucking pelican,what hairpin thinks this gimp is
    good looking I’m not no President and I’ve been blowed more then this jimmy
    has been kissed,we need the emp to go off so its possible to get to these
    fucking protected control freak weak sticks,hey bill you own that prison in
    NY where them guys escaped from fucking that fugly co bitch that helped
    them,and the think tank brookings institute wrote this speach and all your
    speaches of brainwashing words for the genetic misfits that buy your shit
    you penis nose ugly mfer

  14. Jim Rothon says:

    Throw them both in Prison for 100 yrs,then they can explain them selves to

  15. Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it. says:

    depends on what “is” is, means. blah blah blah. a demon-cant or a
    puppet-cant, oh my, which one should i choose…? puppet-cant vs
    demon-cant, oh no, i cant decide. either hilarious clinton or duma-trump,
    oh my my i cant decide. Perpetual Elections, oh my, and the same-o same-o
    just different day.

  16. Jonathan Wallace says:

    Remember what the racist is doing – same thing Trump did at the start of
    his campaign.

    Don’t forget his quote to Obama in ’08, “this guy would have been carrying
    our bags”

  17. oswarz says:

    Bill Clinton has a story for everything; such a schmoozer

  18. Adam See says:

    Bill Clinton is CLEARLY saying racist shit here. Give me a break people.
    Know your history. Read Michelle Alexander’s excellent, objective piece on
    the Clintons and mass incarceration. Please: Google that essay. Read it.
    Then listen to this response again.

  19. Pierce Sony says:

    Bill Clinton told her

  20. G Shock says:

    I’m black and I hate both sides here. Trump is gonna take this race.