Black Mirror – Crocodile | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Black Mirror – Crocodile | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Picture what you saw.

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Black Mirror – Crocodile | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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60 Responses

  1. Yenn says:

    give me a date or GIVE ME DEATH

  2. Lust For Life says:


  3. Bro G says:


  4. Kloopz says:

    R E L E A S E D A T E

  5. Jacek Jansen says:

    Do we get the release date after 6 days? After all the trailers????????

  6. K Noelle Garcia says:

    I can’t wait until Black Mirror is back. It’s such a dark dystopian show.

    • Taliyah J says:

      Nimrah Mehmooda I think what she means is, Black Mirror is based on reality but a more radical version of it. The episodes are meant to seem as a utopian society in the beginning but towards the end you see that this utopia is more dystopian. It’s literally like a crap ton on books where people want society to come off as perfect but then some crazy shit happens (The Giver, Brave New World, etc.)

    • Indys says:

      Taliyah J that’s actually what the writer of the show said the show itself is about. It’s supposed to be a dark reflection of what society could be like if technology was taken advantage of or got too advanced which is why it’s called black mirror. When we turn our phones or any technology we use off it’s just a black mirror. It’s actually really creatively written

    • Nimrah Mehmooda says:

      Taliyah J I get what you mean but if you pay close attention to the real world we live in, it’s not very different. Sure, you and I may be living comfortable lives but like the episode men against fire, certain ethnic communities like Rohingyas are being burnt alive, massacred and raped and it’s all being done because of propaganda which essentially sees them as not humans enough. Like the episode Hated in the Nation, my friend was viciously slut shamed through anonymous confession pages and fell into depression and self harm. Nosedive doesn’t need IRL examples because that episode itself exemplifies our current reality of having a fake online persona. The Waldo Moment was about this unorthodox candidate who entered a political election who gained popularity for his populist approach…ding ding ding! Us elections!! Honestly this is not dystopian at all. This is a reflection of our current reality. We just choose not to believe that the world is as bad because we aren’t the ones on the short end of the stick.

  7. Dump Vids says:

    Stop being such a cock tease Netflix and give us a release date

  8. Before The Credits says:

    I cant wait for this to comeback.

  9. ℓαυяιєOG says:

    “I don’t care what you do in your own time, private stuff is private stuff” tell that to kenny

  10. Texas Edwards says:


  11. sam fox says:

    English accents, thank you lord

  12. David bautista says:

    this show is waaayyy to underrated

    • Domonero7 says:

      What gave that away? The fact that it’s #9 on trending?…..

      Honestly this show is basically the game of thrones level popular pick next to house of cards. A truly underrated show is one that’s amazing but never gets watched or advertised by Netflix at all= The Get Down

    • joe 727 says:

      It might have been an underrated two or three years ago when it was just on British tv and only had a cult following in the US, but since season 3 was released on Netflix and it won two Emmys i don’t think you can call it underrated anymore. It’s in the realm of cultural phenomenon now.

    • aiken relkins says:

      Domonero7 Thank you, The Get Down was truly underrated show. It was amazing but literally had no buzz.
      Black Mirror is so far from underrated it’s hilarious. It has a ton of buzz and every teaser for the new season so far has trended.

  13. Malia Intikhab says:

    The Black Mirror team are going to pull off a Beyonce. Come out with a bunch of trailers within short intervals then drop the whole season unannounced.

    • Afonso Luiz says:

      exactly what i’m thinking is gonna happen. if this poster + trailer pattern continues, the last trailer comes this thursday, and then the whole season comes by surprise on friday

    • CeCe Goddess says:

      Malia Intikhab My whole wig flew when she dropped it but when this season drops my whole head will fly off 😩😩

  14. Sir Kewiken says:

    I’m interested with this episode more than Arkangel. I think Crocodile raises the question “should the authority have access to our privacy to solve a case”? And I also wonder how accurate this device would be to help find evidence of the hit and run, as the woman stated earlier on how memories can be subjective.

  15. BlastoiseBoy 1 says:

    These new episodes are looking better than ever!

  16. Juseman says:

    Stopped watching porn to watch this, still jizzed.

  17. nobody 6868 says:

    AAAANNNYY day now

    • Kevtb87 says:

      Gotta be. Most rumours are that it’s coming out this year. They are being ridiculously tight lipped about the actual release date. Why? Why not just tell us it’s coming in April next year or something like most shows? That tells me they what to dump it on is without warning. The date is closing in.

  18. EXCEPT says:

    See what you picture.

  19. Technicality says:

    Here before the video gets on trending

  20. Belen Morales says:


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