Black Mirror | Season 4 Episode Titles | Netflix

Black Mirror | Season 4 Episode Titles | Netflix

Six new stories. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, coming soon.


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Black Mirror | Season 4 Episode Titles | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. siavm says:

    I want to see that space one. And that black and white one looks good. They all look good. I wish a date other than coming soon was giving. I hope none of them make me cry like san junipero. Only one scene in this is us made me cry close to that episode.

  2. Clay Jensen says:

    I never clicked off of porn so fast in my life!

  3. Charlene Williams says:

    This is one show I’m super excited about. Loves all the last seasons, wish they were longer, I’m addicted. Lol.. I also heard Jodi Foster helped on one of this seasons episodes.

  4. DrSHREEVEERA says:

    White bear, white Christmas and 20million credits were amazing
    Thumbs up if you agree

  5. Tiffanie J. says:

    Idk why, but I just have a feeling that Hang the DJ will be the most fucked up one

  6. TigerPvPs says:

    playtest was amazing

  7. Milly Borkovic says:

    I’m HYPE for Black Museum.

  8. NewsRedial says:

    So, an all female lead for every episode. No sexism there then.

  9. Error Loading says:

    Only six episodes? Thank you Netflix for this trailer, but really, six episodes? This is one of your highest or the best rated show on Netflix and you can’t make more?

  10. subterranean homesick alien says:

    don’t know if you guys will top white christmas, but very keen nonetheless

  11. Sebastian Joseph says:

    For me The Entire History of You had to be my most favorite episode.

  12. Drift Fuga says:

    USS calister is the only one that doesn’t look like a black mirror episode. They’re doing the same thing with San Junipero, it’s too cheerful to be a black mirror episode.

  13. Mrstobastoba says:

    Unpopular opinion: Shut Up And Dance is in the top 3 best Black Mirror episodes

  14. Kenny Posligua says:

    Am I the only one who hated the Waldo episode?

  15. Chloe Morgan says:

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  16. Cillian Brouder says:

    *My favorite episode per season:*
    ⚫ Season 1 – _’Fifteen Million Merits’_
    ⚫ Season 2 – _’White Bear’_
    ⚫ Season 3 – _’Shut Up and Dance’_

  17. Cay Bay says:

    Black mirror > Stranger Things

  18. ?????? ??????????? says:

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  19. CurtRichy says:


  20. Alexis G. Zall says:

    KILL ME this looks so good

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