BLACK PANTHER Teaser Trailer Breakdown – Things Missed & Easter Eggs

BLACK PANTHER Teaser Trailer Breakdown – Things Missed & Easter Eggs

The first teaser trailer for Black Panther is here and so is my things missed, easter egg, references, breakdown rambling bullshit that I can never stop doing. It covers the powers and origin of T’Challa and the Black Panther suit, links to Civil War, the Dora Milaje, Wakanda, Michael B Jordons role as Erik Killmonger, Any Serkis’ return as Klaw, Everette K Ross, Shuri, The Winter Soldier, Vibranium, Nakia, Ramonda and a whole lot more. Thanks for watching!

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20 Responses

  1. Mika Rutledge says:

    As fast as cap???😂😂😂 He was cooking Steve.

  2. Scott Mccall says:

    The same way Wonder Woman was an important movie for women, I think Black Panther will be an important movie for the black community.

  3. Thejas Alex says:

    The Wakandan tribes seeing the new king: ” I thought he’d be… T’alla”

  4. phantasm1234 says:

    I like seeing a new environment like Africa to be the setting of a superhero movie.

  5. drake sims says:

    Back panther is faster then Cap and more.

  6. Dovid Bulgatz says:

    What’s up with that guy with the giant lip piercing?

  7. harry Kirkham Dwan says:

    He was the best part of civil war, it’d be difficult to make to make it bad.

  8. Haley S says:

    Imagine being so extra that you gotta eat and bathe in the blood of a gorilla.

  9. Dennis Juelg says:

    Just bloody give me the LootCrate mate.

  10. Jordan Rodriguez says:

    I thought Nathan Drake already found El Dorado

  11. Conor Harte says:

    When the trailer starts with Bilbo Baggins talking riddles with Gollum you know it’s good

  12. Elliot says:

    I hope black panther sings “I just can’t wait to be king”

  13. Richard Burrows says:

    Since Doctor Strange did alright, I don’t think the MCU should shy away from magic, so bring on the panther god!!!

  14. Victor Greenwood says:

    Rip Adam west 🙁

  15. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    the panther guns looks like something straight out of power rangers jungle fury

  16. Colin Zito says:

    Your royal penis is clean your highness.

  17. AxiumKnight says:

    A good death is its own reward

  18. TheGoldenChicken says:

    Marvel’s batman

  19. F says:

    Black panther is black

  20. Childish Kambino says:

    Michael B. Jordan lived long enough to see himself become the villain.

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