Black Panther Teaser Trailer

Black Panther Teaser Trailer

HERO. LEGEND. KING. Watch Marvel Studio’s Black Panther teaser trailer now.

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20 Responses

  1. CorvoKaldwin says:

    Trailer song: Legend Has It by Run The Jewels

  2. Cyterith R says:

    1:37 super hero landing!

  3. Aurelia Gomez says:

    Oh shit!! This Beat just brought this trailer to the next level

  4. iKentSpell says:

    Pink Panther>Black Panther

  5. Max Osorio says:

    Damn Creed 2 is looking good

  6. H A says:

    The fact that some of yall are complaining abt most of the cast being black rlly shows ur priorities , never seen you complain when the casts majority was white , check yourselves

  7. Dren Dedushaj says:

    *This has been a great year for Comic Book movies, we first got Logan, then we got the first lead and directed film by a female in WonderWoman and now we bout to get one of the biggest african american superheros in the big screen*

  8. cole stark says:

    that accent is so sexy. and I’m a dude

  9. Alberto Carano says:

    Storm haha

  10. Punished Phelps says:

    Reported. Too many bbc.

  11. Tea Drinker says:

    You guys have to see this now. It’s insane 😮
    Marvel just shared this on their feed a couple of minutes ago.
    There is this really huge away going viral right now.
    Everyone can get one! 😀 I got myself some pretty awesome goodies thanks to them.

  12. The Boombox says:

    Whoa, did you guys stumble upon this yet? 😮

  13. Mr Benzedrine says:

    Martin Freeman better say “no shit Sherlock” to Doctor Strange at least once

  14. Bryan Morales says:

    don’t forget buttercup killed twinkle man

  15. Jairon Francisco says:

    I’m completely just creamed my pants.

  16. GamerRusith says:

    Finally, a teaser that doesn’t reveal the whole movie.

  17. Sebastian Jasinski says:

    Am I the only one who’s waiting for infinity war teaser

  18. PlanetaNoob says:

    Where the hell is Iron Man? Wait this is not a Spiderman Homecoming trailer, sorry, my bad.

  19. Erik Hidalgo says:

    Looks way better than the Mummy

  20. Grant Nesselroad says:

    …God dammit Marvel. When are you NOT going to crank up the hype machine?

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