BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained

BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained

BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained. We explain, give our reaction to and also analyses the new BP Wakanda Forver Trailer which just dropped at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. This contains some leaks and spoilers on the movie as well as our theories on who the new Black Panther is.

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Ok so Black Panther Wakanda Forever has just had it’s first look release online and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking it down, going over the easter eggs in it and also the new characters and what happens to them in the comics.

This is probably my most anticipated upcoming Marvel Movie and unfortunately due to the death of Chadwick Boseman it’s had a very difficult development period. During his battle with cancer Chadwick kept it a secret from almost everyone around him and thus Marvel didn’t even know that he had the disease. Going back and watching his performances it’s incredible that he was even able to deliver to the level that he did and it’s a testament to how strong of a person that he was. He’s obviously left a big hole and we know that this film will very much centre around the mantle being passed. Due to controversies around Leticia Wright there’s been a lot of different rumours over whether she’s gonna get the mantle or not and from this first look it seems like there might even be multiple people vying for it. This movie is also going to be introducing Namor, RiRi Williams and it will center around the war between Wakanda and Atlantis.

We’re gonna be breaking it all down but if you could smash that thumbs up button and also subscribe for Heavy Spoilers forever. With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the trailer.

Ok so the trailer itself is extremely somber and we open with a cover of Bob Marley’s no woman no cry. Marley sadly passed away at the age of 36 and us being robbed of an icon is something that feels like it might be echoing the death of Chadwick Boseman. I hope I don’t sound disrespectful there but it’s just kind of the emotion and reason behind this song choice. Really got me teary eyed and this is one of the most beautiful trailers I’ve ever watched. His imagery is laced throughout the teaser and we also get what I believe might even be the funeral of T’Challa. How he dies we don’t really get to see but there’s this strong focus on him with him even getting his own mural. They of course did something similar in Far From Home with Tony Stark but here it feels infinitely more impactful due to the real life knowledge that we have about the actor.

Music – LAKEY INSPIRED – Arcade

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40 Responses

  1. Heavy Spoilers says:

    Check out our #shorts channel here HEAVY SPOILERS CLIPS –

  2. Matthew Valdes says:

    Maybe the most emotional trailer we’ve gotten in the MCU. Obviously, given what happened with Chadwick plays a big part in that but also the music and visuals they give in the trailer were spectacular. Feel like this is one of the few Marvel projects that is a mystery to how exactly things will play out. Really looking forward to it.

  3. LyonSpell says:

    Queen Ramonda says that her entire family is gone, so probably Shuri is missing in this part. That could pontentially be her cue for appearing as Black Panther without anyone’s knowledge that it’s her using the suit. Also, the Black Panther suit looks similar to Killmonger’s suit colors, which could mean that they lost the original Black Panther design and she took Killmonger’s suit.

    • King Shabazz says:

      @DripLuffy _V2 And people keep saying “oh it happened in the comics” well so did Shuri dying to save T’Challa. BP never dies in the comics. This was clearly a rewrite from the original script as been stated. Marvel was almost forced to use this storyline or recast Chad. RIP to Chadwick.

    • King Shabazz says:

      @Cacti And it has nothing to do with women in power. You’re using the comics as an excuse when the comics BP never dies silly! we just gonna use “the comics” as the excuse but what about when its a totally different storyline? U must be one those woke types though. Let me stop.

    • King Shabazz says:

      @Cacti If Chadwick didnt die this storyline wouldn’t be used. And in the comics BP never dies, Shuri does. The script for BP2 was out before Chadwick died, they changed the movie. You can be blind all u want to Marvel’s pandering last few movies if u want. But its pretty obvious.


      I don’t have my hopes up…

    • Chinedu Opara says:

      @F B I rewatched it, and I think you might be right. Either way I’ll be pleased… I always wanted to see Shuri take on the mantle, like in the comics. But at same time, having a resurrected (or better yet, alternate-timeline) Killmonger would be an interesting and fresh take. And if they go with alternate-timeline, that would dovetail nicely with the multiverse shenanigans going on all over the world.

      Which brings me to one of my few gripes about MCU Phase 4: it’s *unfocused* . They need to pick a “big bad” and stick to it throughout the phase. Just like they did in Phases 1-3 (to be fair, an era which IMHO can never be replicated) 😅

  4. Benitez Art says:

    The handshake between Shuri and Williams is the same shot as when they introduced Shuri in Black Panther. She is even wearing a black formal outfit like Tchalla was.


      @Free Lancer I hope not

    • Benitez Art says:

      @Just some guy with a hat A lot more people don’t care who it ends up being, as long as it makes sense and is done well.

    • Just some guy with a hat says:

      @Benitez Art Black Panther would honestly be better if it was a guy a lot of people do not want shuri to be the black panther 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • REE says:

      @Tarrius fragile

    • Benitez Art says:

      @Tarrius No. Our boys AND girls will be looking up to a female black panther AND female Iron Heart. And as long as you don’t pass on that toxic shit you are spitting to your kids….they will fucking love it.

  5. Justin H says:

    I just love Ryan Coogler’s approach to the cultural aspect of the mcu. In this trailer alone i can already feel how personal it was for him to make it.

  6. actionvids35 says:

    The visuals, the colors, the vibrancy, the raw emotion- you can tell a true artist made this film. None of that washed out, sameness I’ve seen from a lot of MCU movies. Ryan Coogler is such a talent. Can’t wait to see the movie and wonder what they will do with Tchala’s son

    • Nickira Celeste says:

      I heard Killmonger is coming back as a “mentor” for a young hero, which I feel is going to be T’Chala’s son aka: his nephew

    • KG2985 says:

      Was thinking the same thing. The first Black Panther also had an artistic feel to it. It wasn’t just CGI action and extreme fight sequences for the sake of cheap entertainment. Ryan Coogler is such an amazing director.

  7. Token Drew says:

    This is gonna be a hard movie to watch but I cannot wait to see it. Honestly, his death didn’t truly hit me until this trailer. Never had a trailer pull out those emotions from me.

    And Namor looks awesome.

  8. Patrick Newton says:

    As a Mexican American and a huge comic fan I appreciate the change of Mayan culture to Namor. While I would love to see him in the 1940s fighting nazis, it’s interesting what they have coming up for the king of Atlantis or what’re Mayan empire.

  9. MKUltra_86 says:

    I think this is gonna be one of the, if not THE, biggest movies of the MCU. Especially with Chadwick passing. This trailer got me really excited for this movie. And I hope the leak is correct. To see Doom make his debut in this movie would be awesome, and it makes a lot of sense to with the reveals of where the MCU is heading.

  10. J.R. M says:

    The trailer is visually stunning! Looks emotionally epic. Honestly, I think Nakia might be the new Black Panther. It makes sense when you consider the fact she’s royalty in her own right, has excellent fighting skills & is knowledgeable of the outside world. There were rumors years ago that Shuri might be the Black Panther but it doesn’t fit her movie character

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