Black Widow Trailer – SNL

Black Widow Trailer – SNL

In her first standalone film, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) juggles an internship at Fashion Weekly magazine and a complicated relationship with boyfriend Ultron.

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20 Responses

  1. Arthur Hammer says:

    Trailer gave away too much.

  2. Marcos Zarate says:

    Haha wtf

  3. Stoned Batman says:

    sketch of the season!!!

  4. moviebuzzrocks says:

    It’s funny the Daily Bugle turned into a Fashion building

  5. Stephen King says:

    Vision disapprove this because he beat the shit out ultron .

  6. Abhishek “Abhi” Nayar says:

    She acted better here than she did in the movie :P

  7. sara smile says:

    FFn brilliant.. lol

  8. Vic Vinegar says:

    I bet if that were a movie women would be dragging us to it.

  9. Rob J says:


  10. Sōsuke Aizen says:

    I think all American women should be black widow, because sure as hell only
    dumbass men fall for them and get killed.

  11. Michael Murdock says:

    females brains are scientifically smaller than males..they are also
    physically weaker and easily manipulated, not to mention emotionally weak

  12. syxepop says:

    As i’ve stated in another comment (just look for it in this very thread)
    it’s not only Black Widow that has been mistreated as an “action
    character”. Just think of the scores of other females that has been
    mistreated in media through the years, some of them which I’m a fan of…

    As for the “SNL bunch” (the American University of Comedians), they KNOW
    how to throw SARCASM right at you. GOOD FOR THEM and GREAT FUN FOR US
    (exaggeration and slapstick have worked well through the ages to “make a

    Disney and other media companies (including Comcast, the one that owns the
    rights to the broadcast of that video) should take ideas from that video
    and update the quality of treatment of “women in action” (doesn’t need to
    be superheroes, as with the case of “Jem and the Holograms” can get a much
    better treatment, approaching or even surpassing the original source)…

  13. Ritankar Sasmal says:


  14. TheRezumee says:

    Gotta Love Scarlett. :))

  15. CodyComedy says:

    Let’s face the facts; women are far too dependent on men and far too
    emotional to ever have any kind of power. They just aren’t fit to be
    powerful or to be in positions of power on a large scale.

  16. Синемафия says:

    А вот если бы было кино про Черную вдову и ее роман с Альтроном:) По версии
    шоу SNL:))

  17. Brian Lindee says:

    I loved that skit well done Saturday night live

  18. Giuseppe Pavan says:


  19. Lord McSatan says:

    Captain Marvel is gonna be awesome. Better than Wonder Woman.