Blackberry Priv Review!

Blackberry Priv Review!

A new Blackberry… running Android!

Blackberry Priv:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track:


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20 Responses

  1. ThE ToP FiVeZ says:

    Im guessing BlackBerry is planning to compete with other company

  2. Jeremiah Sariban says:

    cool intro

  3. The Hungry Pig says:


  4. Paolo Cacciatore says:

    Dat wallpaper link pleeeease?

  5. AceofSpuds says:

    I find this phone very enticing. The original ideas here make it very
    interesting, but I’m with you on this one and I’m going to have to wait to
    see what future versions bring. I’m loving the Logic though!

  6. Yasin Chowdhury says:

    what’s the name of the game he was playing????????

  7. GamerGR says:

    1k$ for a blackberry. yep..

  8. Nicholas Zidarescu says:

    How is the battery life bad with a 3400mh battery? I have a 2800mh battery
    and I get better life.

  9. Mk Jimbob says:


  10. assefa hanson says:

    Meitu V4 will anyone review this phone :(

  11. txturbo930 says:

    Appreciate the review, but I agree. Middle of the road with a high price.
    Unless you just want a tactile keyboard, you can do way better for less.
    RIM has lost the war and rolled over having to abandon their IOS. There are
    way better Android devices out there. Meh….

  12. Robinson Gitonga says:

    Hmm Marques seemed a bit too negative on this one, the Priv has loads of
    good features! It’s pretty nice

  13. Adam Colyer says:

    Why do they still think that physical keyboard is needed today?

  14. Ghassan King says:

    Your videos are great..not too long and just the necessary..great job

  15. Dhaval Chauhan says:

    A giveaway on 3million subscribers? :P

  16. GMB says:

    Looks like blackberry could be going the right way…

  17. Davor Mitrović says:

    2GB ram?

  18. pintodk says:

    I don’t know how can you not like BB keyboard, it’s the best keyboard I
    freaking loved my BB Z10, BB10 was my favorite software ever but of course
    the ecosystem was the worts, but the user experience is the best I ever
    experienced even till today, i would love if they could bring all the
    gesture based interface to android too.

  19. Kiron Kabir says:

    Double tapping to sleep would be annoying. Imagine during normal usage,
    most people would tap their screens twice on an app or by sheer OCD and end
    up putting their phone to sleep. Very frustrating

  20. purplerabbit says:

    Cant wait to get this phone! fuck apple fanboyz haha! real men use