#BlackLivesMatter vandalizes Trump Hotel in DC

#BlackLivesMatter vandalizes Trump Hotel in DC

#BlackLivesMatter vandalizes Trump Hotel in DC…Shameful fight injustice by committing crime. Yea that will do it.

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19 Responses

  1. Michael Jones says:

    You can also add jaywalking to that guys charge sheet.

  2. Frank Block says:

    ????????? Even the KKK doesn’t vandalize. Do BLM members not realize this
    causes more hate and is a step backwards????

  3. Grant Smith says:

    last time i checked martin luther king jr didn’t have to commit acts of
    violence to get his point across

  4. Will Kill For Subs says:

    For once it feels nice to be called the whitest black guy in the world

  5. Buff Hitler says:

    Black lives matter is cancer, just like modern day feminism.

  6. Ashraf Abdelmagid says:

    When one black man spray paints on a building everyone loses their minds.
    But when white people are busy shooting up schools, killing their kids, and
    fucking their siblings no one cares… ☕️?

  7. hflores91 says:

    Want to know the type of people voting for trump.. read the comments below

  8. SoyEduardo e.e says:

    People like him is fucking stupid.

  9. Keymo tha Writer Guy says:

    Or maybe he’s someone who’s against BLM and is tricking everyone in
    thinking it’s really them.

  10. Gelilla Shiferaw says:

    All of yall in the comments are overreacting and being stupid af. His
    vandalism does not represent the race, its just another mind doing what it
    does to express itself. Although I dont agree w his actions or w the fact
    Trump doesnt care for the BLM, I dont u think any of u guys have the right
    to wish death upon us blacks. Never seen people being so childish over a
    simple and harmless act, yet u guys still complain when u see protesting.

  11. M VGA says:


  12. MAC fearsNONE says:

    Now there is two dumb things on trump yower

  13. Jonssyy Jons says:

    It’s not like Trump wasn’t gonna file bankruptcy on it anyway . . . . .

  14. Universes says:

    Black lives splatter, when I run you the fuck over for blocking my commute,
    fucking dumbasses.

  15. Matthew Carmant says:

    BLM does not represent me. I represent myself. Seeing comments like, “This
    make blacks look worse” sincerely hurts me. I am a 19 year old black man
    that was raised by two loving parents and two older brothers whom all do
    not have a single speck of dirt on their records. We are a fine middle
    class family that plays by all the rules yet we will continue to get funny
    looks and preconceived notions when seen by others.

    My children will be born into this world later on down the line in a few
    years with negative views towards them despite them not doing a single
    thing wrong simply because they are black.

    How does this make sense? How is this fair? I judge no one on any basis
    besides their own action. I only ask for everyone here to do the same.

  16. EtHaN LeVeQuE says:

    Should be arrested, animal’s.

  17. alpinestarsssss says:

    Can’t afford to stay there, gets jealous and vandalizes it. Pathetic.

  18. Senpai Spook says:

    Wow I’m surprised YouTube allowed this into the trending section, they
    usually filter out anything negative about this “organization”

  19. Jason says:

    Actions speak louder than words. BLM is a pointless and racist movement.