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  1. Ash Soo says:

    No. 19 trending in Malaysia. Lisa is trending worldwide and her power though. Always have me amazed

  2. yaya yeah says:

    Omg this is just a teaser why am i seeing it trending #2 here, the power this comeback holds is scary

  3. Jenny Ramos says:

    No. 2 trending here in Philippines gosshhh this is just a teaser but my queen is slaying ?

    Filipino blinks where are you? ?

  4. Dilara Karabulut says:

    #13 trending in the TURKEY right now ??? ??Love you Lisa ??? Turkish fans ?
    Trendlerde 1 numara yapalım fighting ??

  5. Narayan Giri says:

    Trending #1st in india??❤❤?? Our Queen Lisaa?

  6. Amiah says:

    #2 trending in Philippines
    Congratulations!!! Blinks
    Excited here

  7. coffe bean says:

    #11 Trending in Indonesia and also in other countries… It’s only a teaser and she make it trending??? ❤❤❤

  8. Halejah Martinez says:

    #2 trending. Still rocking it blackpink. I know this comeback will be LIT.

  9. 포시에로시에 says:

    *How loves Lisa?*
    ?1 like=1 love

  10. К ангел says:

    #14 in RUSSIA!!

  11. DSR 927 says:


    When the BlackPink’s new CB *_”Kill This Love”_* is released:
    1. Make it on trending on YouTube. We need to break out to ourself record by 4D and surpassed 36 M at the first hour as a Girl Group’s MV. And very important things else is do it with *_PROPERLY STREAMING !_* … You all clearly don’t want to YouTube freezing/deleting our view again and again, right?
    2. Make it on trending on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and else.
    3. Make it sure to landing on BILLBOARD. 4D had just did it before on BILLBOARD HOT 100, landing at #55 spot. We need to do the same thing but faster for this time. With 20M Subscribers, it will happen (easily). And remember, for you guys who want to buy their mini album on iTunes, please buy the Title Track first “Kill This Love” and buy the rest song. That’s will lift the new song trending quickly on worldwide.
    4. YouTube done, Twitter etc done, Billboard done, iTunes done. And now Spotify. We have a tradition to streaming out on Spotify too. 4D, AIIYL and Boombayah still in big 3 of BlackPink’s song. “Kill This Love” must be in there soon.
    5. Last and very urgen. *BUY THE PYSICAL ALBUM.* Besides on voting, this classic case is always _”attacked”_ us by the other imma Fandom. Obviously, I don’t care about that imma, but in facts that pysical album sales and voting rate are very important to make our chance becomes bigger to winning an award.

    Remember : *STREAMING, VOTING and BUYING …*
    _That’s all we need …_ ???

  12. Charles Gabriel Dela Rosa says:

    Almost there blinks,
    Its now #2 trending at Philippines.

    Blinks, we can do it for our Queens???

  13. TP_ Teerapat says:

    #1 ontrendingThailand!!!! Blink Thai stan and blink around the world too.

  14. 사랑은영원하다 says:

    #33 on trending in SOUTH KOREA

  15. BΔΠ9ER says:

    *#10 trending in USA*
    OMG!! Only a teaser video. ?

  16. taejin child says:

    A 17 seconds video trending #2 in philippines and literally everywhere, ugh HER POWER

  17. 1 2 says:

    trending #10 in US!?? Love you BLACKPINK!

  18. M PRD says:

    Lisa’s power is no joke. She is trending everywhere AND JUST FOR A TEASER WOW

  19. Astrid Leonardo says:

    Trending #10 in the U.S.!!!!??❤️??❤️
    We love you Lisa!!!!

  20. Lim Ademi says:

    *#10 ON TRENDING IN USA* ?? ?

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