BLACKPINK Performs “Pink Venom” | 2022 VMAs

BLACKPINK Performs “Pink Venom” | 2022 VMAs

BLACKPINK performs “Pink Venom” at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. Check out more from the 2022 VMAs here:

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31 Responses

  1. Shivam Trivedi says:

    They slayed😍one of the best performances at the VMAs

  2. Melanie H. says:

    blackpink nunca defrauda. Los apoyaremos y apoyaremos en todos sus éxitos, se lo merecen hasta el final. VAMOS CHICAS

  3. @fab1anaalves says:

    BLACKPINK ENTREGOU TUDO! Vocais, rap, dança, carisma, presença de palco… As maiores do mundo apenas

  4. Sabrina Lugano says:

    PERFEITAS. Lisa extremamente profissional com o lance do microfone. Deu a volta por cima e arrebentou na apresentação

    • Simply 4U says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Sabrina~🤗 BTW, you are very beautiful too~😉

    • NV X says:

      @Sofy Pi They have a backtrack and it is too noticeable when she is singing, in the part where the microphone was moved it is noticeable, then when she fixes it you can hear how she sings again LOL



    • Sofy Pi says:

      girl… she clealy was not singing, she heard noise from the mic but the volume of the voice didn’t change… like girl lipsync better

  5. Twerking OTG says:

    Rosie’s performance is 10/10. Her voice sounds exactly like studio version. And her dancing is also energetic. She nailed both!

  6. Universo Obscuro says:

    BLACKPINK NUNCA DECEPCIONA!!! Parabéns por esse conquista, vocês merecem DEMAIS!! Eu as amo muito <3

  7. 신지원 says:

    와우 무대포스 쩐다
    우리나라에서 이런 멋진 그룹이 있다는게 자랑스럽다. 월클이라 다르긴 다르네

  8. Esther Gómez says:

    Rosé vocal queen ate that up and left no crumbs as always. She’s out of this world truly BP’s backbone 💖🔥

  9. Mira G. says:

    I can sense that Jennie was nervous in the start of the song but it ended well. The queens slayed it! Also Lisa was so professional with the mic thing. Blackpink is truly the revolution!!

  10. blackpink in your area says:

    Arrasaram como sempre! BLACKPINK sempre encantando a todos com suas performances! Elas são poderosas demais!

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