Blake Farenthold Could Forgive Pro-Rape Comments From Trump

Blake Farenthold Could Forgive Pro-Rape Comments From Trump

On MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes, 10/11/16

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20 Responses

  1. Tim Marshall says:

    not a private conversation! it was on a work bus with other employees who
    Billy told to get out of the way so Trump could perve at Zucker more
    effectively, there was an audience for this filth just like there was
    always an audience when he spoke this way on the set of the apprentice.
    this was not private and this was not in a locker room, there were women
    present and other male staff

  2. Daniel Flores says:

    Damn Rachel Maddow is looking more like a guy day by day. That sex change
    is finally paying off.

  3. SShaw6174 says:

    ok, listen close grabbing / fingering willing/ groopie pussy does not equal
    rape… period.

    When I was a young man I DJ’ed at night clubs. I have fingered my share of
    I walked into my booth one night sat down , and some woman pulled my pants
    down forcefully and begin sucking me. That could have been looked upon as
    Two willing parties == rape though.

  4. KolyaKrasotkin says:

    Ah! I get it now: by calling it “pro-rape” you hope to make people think
    Donald Trump was approving rape.

  5. GORT says:

    They all seem to have gotten the same memo about what to say…NONE of
    these pigs have a moral spine nor a conscience…and people want them to
    have ultimate power? wow. America you will breathe a sigh of relief on
    November 9th when Trump can simply go away, after he loses the election
    bigtime. He is desperate now, because he has finally realised the huge
    amount of damage he has done to his own ‘Brand.’ Irretrievable damage, he
    has basically shit on his own dinner. No network will give him a show, no
    well respected company will want to be associated with his name, banks
    already refuse to lend him money, Even International Banks are reluctant to
    enter into loan deals with the guy, business people wont work with him, his
    own daughters skin crawl when he tries to kiss them…its actually
    amazingly sad what he has done to himself and also remarkable what he has
    done to the Republican Party. One would almost think he was working for the
    Democratic Party, he has single handedly dismantled the GOP, exposed its
    deep entrenched bigoted, racist , birther agenda and really shown the World
    a large slice of what is wrong with the USA. I hope you guys get out there
    and vote so you dodge this megalomaniacs Dictatorial bullet.Hilarious. He
    is the original Nigerian scam merchant, only problem is he want to fuck
    over the USA.

  6. tyler davis says:

    This man is stupid he should have said to him I’m still supporting him and
    ur a Disgusting man for saying he is talking about rape ur a hypocrite for
    even bashing him.

  7. Tommy Sawyer says:

    Hypocrisy is on full blast this election!

  8. MrOutPerform says:

    Amazing how dumb liberals are

  9. Jean-Philippe Bélanger says:

    he looks like a rapist himself

  10. ok ok says:

    If any Trump supporter got recorded saying those things, they would all be
    out of a job… FACTS
    But its ok for someone running for president to say this?? haha ok

  11. Bailey Dunlap says:

    videos like this is really turns people against you showing how retarded
    and how much you have to grasp at straws to defend your corrupt murderer

  12. Bertha Lovejoy says:

    The GOP, party of “family values” not child molesting and serial rape.

  13. candy Kendrick says:

    then stop posting to me that is all u have to do cause i really don’t give
    a fuck

  14. Marcos Soria says:

    lmao a “hypothetical” let me use a hypothetical if Hillary let 4 Americans
    die in Benghazi would you still vote for her? If she let off a rapist back
    in the day and laughed about it later would you still vote for her(video
    evidence)?. IF wiki leaks showed that she did in fact rig Florida and took
    it from Bernie Sanders would you still vote for her? oh no but let’s not
    forget when Trump said dumbshit? Media’s a joke with there propaganda
    Hitler would be proud.

  15. Isabella Price says:

    What happened to the moral high ground these right wingers are always
    screeching from? what happened to family values and protect the children
    and the sanctity of a Christian home? these fucking hypocrites turn to
    their true selves when they have a chance to be racist.

  16. Sam Pereless says:

    Chris Hayes could you fish a little harder… Journalism FAIL #Cringeworthy

  17. Rafael Caceres says:

    msnbc is bias pro liberal propaganda.

  18. ztimbo says:

    But going to rape island 27 times in court records is just great if you are
    a liberal douche with no morality.

  19. Cambaudio says:

    Pro Rape comments? Where? Oh you were referring to Bill before he raped his

  20. TheKIllerBf3Fan says:

    I love this reporter (man on the left) whats his name??