Blake Griffin gets STANDING OVATION after playing INJURED in playoffs! Bucks vs. Pistons Game 4

Blake Griffin gets STANDING OVATION after playing INJURED in playoffs! Bucks vs. Pistons Game 4

Blake is a warrior, playing through injury in Game 4 of Bucks vs. Pistons.

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84 Responses

  1. 1000 subscribers with No videos challenge says:

    Respect cause they was getting blown out and he didn’t quit.

    • PG 13PACERNATION says:

      Exactly man feel sorry for him, he deserves to be on a better team

    • TG Ernie says:


    • Nathan Murray says:

      +pop saunders People who mock pro athletes for losing are the real losers. Qualities like heart and tenacity are a foreign concept to them. They’ve never attempted or achieved anything in their personal life and project their insecurity on others online; mocking someone’s failures makes them feel better about their own

    • Taaha Siddiqui says:

      Respect for getting blown out? Oh but he didn’t let an injury stop him from not doing his job and failing his team lmao gtfoh

    • Andrew Smith says:

      +Taaha Siddiqui You must hate your job or is it that you think your life is very hard and his life is easy.

  2. Duolingo Bird says:

    He may not be a winner in this one, but he’s a damn good competitor.

  3. 55Tonythetigar says:

    Blake Griffin a REAL ONE ???

  4. Shamon Shaw says:

    This is more meaningful than Durant’s rings

    • De'Drick Williams says:

      Steven A lmao your corny ass is weak as fuck. Trump Supporters ????

    • Dreadie C says:

      +DJuan Brown

      2 time final mvp , averaged 35 ppg through the finals..
      That’s what he did.. if you Don’t like it then stop watching basketball

    • DJuan Brown says:

      Dreadie C of course he got two finals mvps, because he left to a team that clearly didn’t need him. He’s garbage and selfish. Simple as that

    • DJuan Brown says:

      Steven A KD doesn’t make clutch shots, his teammates do, the only shots he ever got close to making that were clutch was when he was in OKC and he CHOKED. He’s garbage

    • Steven A says:


  5. Mikey says:

    The truth is if Blake is 100% fit, he will pose a problem for any team. Hope he recover fast for next season.

  6. CHRIS KATHY says:

    My Respect To Blake Griffin Was a Great Player For The Clippers and A Great Player With a Huge Heart Its Not Always About Money …..

  7. Woke's Backup says:

    The true meaning of MVP. Truly a underrated season!

  8. Khoi Le says:

    Blake and CP3 are always injured this time of year

    • Poppa Jacks says:

      Right especially last year in the WCF Paul getting injured hurt the Rockets

    • CPGoat #3 says:

      +Poppa Jacks not really. They should’ve and couldve won those game had harden held composure and not fuck up the ball movements which would lead to them niggas choking 2 second half leads.

    • CPGoat #3 says:

      +Poppa Jacks not really. They should’ve and couldve won that game had harden held composure and not fucked up the ball movement, which would lead to them niggas choking 2 second half leads.

    • Gray Ebarb says:

      +CPGoat #3 i would say it hurt the rockets, but it didnt cripple them. They still shouldve come out on top but they blew it

    • Sachin Johri says:

      CPGoat #3 A healthy CP3 would’ve definitely calmed things down, kept their composure, and hit key shots like he did all series

  9. Flaming Vale says:

    Highly determined. Respect for this man ?

  10. janjan corpus says:

    Better than Kd’s Two rings ???‍♂️

  11. Trailmix lol says:

    Pistons were +2 with injured Blake in the game…

  12. James S. says:

    BG is a true warrior. He’s the only reason why Pistons reached the playoffs

    • Nigel Thornberry says:

      Barkov Is the goat and we shouldn’t want to make the playoffs guy we were just as bad as last year we shouldn’t have traded for this bum

    • Boogie Cousins says:

      +Bemon Geiffin is the only reason Pistons made playoffs, not because of Drummond. Drummond is an outdated center in today’s NBA.

    • AMANTE' NOLAN says:

      +Boogie Cousins no no friend, as I’ve said before there is no way either of them are making it without each other. So what if hes an out dated center, so is my man Rudy Gobert and he still has tremendous impact as well as Drummond does. Him being an outdated center doesn’t change the fact hes still better than quite a few centers today.

    • Rei Lleo says:

      Crxzy Boy Mark ??? you tripping. Y’all were never in playoff talk until Blake got there. Y’all ain’t shit without Blake

    • Vernon Tang says:

      +Crxzy Boy Mark Drummond with his weak post game

  13. Andrew Gabriel says:

    Thanks Blake. We will build on this. Detroit grit?

  14. KG LAMBO says:

    Damn blake i didnt know it was that bad.. You deserve to sit out bro..
    You not 100% and i blame this on the media and fan peer pressure?

    • Veezy the bot says:

      +Chris Butler he not wrong. But i truly feel bad for bg

    • Sachin Johri says:

      melvin barnett I mean he’s getting the money whether he plays or not…

    • Indigo Blue says:

      He’s a big boy who can make his own decisions.

    • Chris Butler says:

      Veezy the bot same here, it just irritates me how these hoes can collect a check just for having someone’s kid.

    • Dreadie C says:

      +Mr. Miecley

      I agree with him .. because people go around saying these players are soft..
      ” The team is in the playoffs he needs to toughen up ”

      These guys hear and see everything.. Just because they’re Athletes doesn’t mean they don’t have nerves

  15. Agust 17 says:

    Wish that I could see Blake winning a ring

  16. ZB says:

    mans went out there basically with one leg…respect man ✊?

  17. Beerus says:

    You rarely ever see people play this game anymore with heart
    My man showed this

    • Titronnica says:

      You clearly aren’t watching basketball. Plenty of guys go out every night balling their hearts out.

    • Robdee999 says:

      Beerus Stop living in the moment, plenty of guys go all out every night.

      Just because they aren’t hurt, doesn’t mean they aren’t playing with heart.

    • LeBron James HarDennis RodManu Ginobi Hill says:

      So you think they just play for fun? It’s ok to lose? You’re a casual that just goes with what everybody says and doesn’t really watch the games.

    • BILLYthe FROG says:

      LeBron James HarDennis RodManu Ginobi Hill
      he not lyin though

    • LeBron James HarDennis RodManu Ginobi Hill says:

      +BILLYthe FROG Yes, he’s lying. Go watch actual games, especially OKC and Kings, they go hard until the last buzzer.

  18. Gaming Nation says:

    Dam i feel so bad cuz he was PISSED but respect man respect

  19. Obamos did 9/11 says:

    Respect to Blake and Detroit, pretty cool and humble city ????❤️

  20. Big John Boatright says:

    I was at game 3 with my cousin & saw the pain Blake was going through in person & all I’ve got to say is MUCH RESPECT to that man! ? ?

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