Blake Lively Calls Jimmy Fallon Her Dada

Blake Lively Calls Jimmy Fallon Her Dada

Blake Lively shows Jimmy all of the fun her husband, Ryan Reynolds, and daughter are having with their life-size Jimmy Fallon cutout.

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Blake Lively Calls Jimmy Fallon Her Dada

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20 Responses

  1. Maria Camacho says:

    I like see blake in ellen

  2. Vincent Man says:

    Wrong title

  3. Kithergump says:

    change this title LOL

  4. Jimmy Ramirez says:

    I’m having fun with you tube.

  5. Dwayne Johnson says:

    WTF? The title. -_-

  6. Edwin Hernandez says:

    Get some Jimmy

  7. sphinx onyx says:

    Kinda over Blake coz she is literally Serena IRL and Blair >>>>>>> Serena
    any day.

  8. vcarter0723 says:

    Well at least we know Jimmy’s book works*!

    *Recipient of “Dada” may be incorrect.

  9. SRehill7 says:

    Jimmy’s been smashing that oakland booty

  10. zingaramandosh says:

    is she wearing a dress or a seat belt??

  11. Ben Gerber says:

    “Who has more personality, me or the cardboard cutout?” The cardboard

  12. Dariya MFL says:

    This is so funny

  13. fla la says:

    Blake, biggest talk show guest flirter ever

  14. David Thomas says:

    Reynolds is a fucking legend

  15. jagrcantakeyou says:

    Who tittied this video? I mean titled. Sorry was staring at Blake’s titles.

  16. Ramla Jama says:

    maybe the baby knows something we dont

  17. WalkUpSlowlyDownSmash says:

    “Ryan and I don’t have friends”? Weren’t they just on a beach with Taylor
    Swift, Tom Hiddleston, Cara Delevigne and like 20 other people just last

  18. Bruce the Imp says:

    yea jimmbo get some

  19. Laughing B says:

    Why do people say jimmy has a fake laugh, maybe that’s just the way he
    laughs irl ? just saying

  20. everlark4ever says:

    The title is a mess