Blake Lively’s Daughter Eats Raw Meat Like a White Walker

Blake Lively’s Daughter Eats Raw Meat Like a White Walker

Blake Lively talks to Jimmy about her house full of toddlers, Halloween plans and what her one-year-old chose to eat for her birthday instead of Cookie Monster cake.

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Blake Lively’s Daughter Eats Raw Meat Like a White Walker

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20 Responses

  1. Dewoy1 says:

    Imagine Ryan comes in and says to his wife _yo babe what do you think about my outfit?_ dressed as Deadpool that would be so sick.

  2. chickenwrap08 says:

    Blake + Ryan + Baby James + Baby Nessi are family goals <3

  3. 1992girlll says:

    I just started watching Gossip Girls on Netflix. And now I see this. That is coincidence?

  4. Markayla Carson says:

    Why is this baby eating raw meat….

  5. lhollins ok says:

    “Two baby girls… like you” πŸ˜‚
    She has such a soft voice, I love hearing it. Would totally be straight for a night with her. She’s stunning β™‘

  6. FacePalm says:

    Jimmy really loves to talk at the same time as his guests doesn’t he.

  7. 4rihanna says:

    Spotted S chatting things up with Jimmy Fallon

  8. DonYelle and Diana says:

    blake lively and ryan reynolds are the new brad and jennifer and we have to protect them at all costs

  9. Jahirul Islam says:

    I hate steak , damn .

  10. Maria Sherlita Bacayo says:

    Blake should dress as Ryan, vice versa

  11. Jurr Hakkert says:

    forget nature! Be like your parents…….

  12. Matrix Dweller says:

    Buy bitcoincash disregard satanic Hollywood sickos

  13. wonka320 says:

    Oh dear! Harvey Weinstein is coming down and one of his proteges` showing up with stories abt her kids all of a sudden … Really? It makes me sick

  14. is everybody in * says:

    she’s having a nervous breakdown

  15. Kylie Eats says:

    her and her family sounds amazing!

  16. Kevin Sugaray says:

    That moment when White Walkers don’t eat raw meat smh YouTube gwt your shit together

  17. Evol Saiyan says:

    White Walker’s don’t eat people.
    You can all proceed with the hate comments now.

  18. Andiswa Ndhlovu says:

    Funny thing is, I didn’t like Serena VDW but I absolutely LOVE Blake!

  19. Kay Black Targaryen says:

    She is georgous…Where is the girl playing Blair Wardolf though?

  20. Paul says:

    Am i the only one who thinks watching Serena giving an interview at Gossip Girl?

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