Blake Shelton – Came Here To Forget (Official Audio)

Blake Shelton – Came Here To Forget (Official Audio)

Blake’s new single “Came Here To Forget” is available now:

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20 Responses

  1. Insarations says:

    Wow this is incredible!!!! love it

  2. jjmarin23 says:

    Nice song. Reminds me of Luke Bryan’s “we ain’t going home alone tonight”.

  3. Crystal Caulder says:

    ??? Love his music. He never has a bad song. <3 <3

  4. Sunshine says:

    try listening to this song while driving with the window open.. Wowww

  5. Giovanna Santillan says:

    Who else thinks the beat is totally Gwen’s style ?

  6. Jenasi Woodrow says:

    So they are basically just each other’s rebound?

  7. Karen Medina says:

    Too good! I like this song

  8. badass assassin says:

    you call this country country my ass C.M.A not country music awards country
    my ass

  9. meghan keiffer says:

    go Blake

  10. Jose Montenegro says:

    I came here to forget

  11. Chris Haynes says:

    nice song I’m a r@b fan but this song some tru words

  12. Carolyn Whittaker says:

    Another #1 hit!

  13. Melanie Holland says:

    Craig Wiseman, and some other guy wrote this song.

  14. ZIA says:

    The best Coach EVER !!

  15. jrsy says:

    is this that redneck that fucks his sister

  16. Sharon Marie says:

    sociopath cheater alcoholic

  17. Alex Lighthall says:


  18. john doe says:

    i know they want the album cover to look good but they over sensatioanalize
    the pics to make people look different then they really are…….i dont
    get why artists or models etc let them away with this….. OH yeah its all
    to get rich so go for it…lol

  19. Comedy Bros says:

    I remember when Blake used to be real and down-to-the-bone country. He put
    out some of my all-time favorite country tunes! Now he’s so city-fied it
    gives me headache.

  20. gigi10386 says:

    Amazing song!! I’m not a huge country fan but damn Blake is one sexy ass
    man. He is so sultry and his songs have so much heart, he’s definitely
    turned this Chi-town girl into a country fan. He and Gwen are amazing
    together, I wish them the best, everyone deserves to be loved.