Blake Shelton on His Embarrassing Onstage Fall

Blake Shelton on His Embarrassing Onstage Fall

Country superstar Blake Shelton admitted to Ellen his embarrassment after falling onstage during a concert. Plus, “The Voice” coach talked about his upcoming tour with Trace Adkins.


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32 Responses

  1. Channelgirl Channelgirl says:

    The first like is me….. yasss!

  2. DiscoverYourAwesomeness says:

    *One day or day one. You decide.*

  3. HAIMAN Abulsood says:

    Welcome back Ellen

  4. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Oh my, this is gonna be a good one

  5. Exalted_gamer says:

    I wake up late at night just 2 watch ellens videos???

  6. sakuramari says:

    Blake Shelton drinking alcohol reminds me of when he went to sushi with Jimmy Fallon “Rhys Whyne” (Rice Wine) LOL
    It was cute 🙂

  7. Adele Davids says:

    Sexy Blake????

  8. Etta James says:

    this is a hot, beefy man.

  9. Ayaan Hussain says:

    Heyyy guys tomorrow (6 November )is my 18 birthday ??


    Love Blake, most sexy man … for all years! Lucky Gwen.

  11. Nanao Midori says:

    He’s very entertaining and funny in his interviews

  12. goldmouth100 says:

    HE’S SO SEXY ❤❤❤

  13. makodox says:

    I believe if Blake Shelton becomes a news reader, I am pretty sure a lot more beautiful females will be a lot more interested in watching news? listening to hi m speaking is such a treat!

  14. Emily Leung says:

    I fell down on stage… I fell down on stage


  15. Buenomars says:

    I was half-expecting the entire audience to get tickets, haha

  16. Willy's Toys says:

    I like that Voice episode when Blake did the floss dance from Fortnite

  17. Rosalia Ivonne Moreno Sifuentes says:

    LOL ??

  18. loko koko says:

    I click thinking its Mathew Perry..

  19. Thành Ngô says:

    I know it was embarrassing but it’s really funny to watch Blake fall on stage lol

  20. click my picture says:

    I tried that vodka it took me all the way there

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