Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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38 Responses

  1. Nuvakwahu says:

    Strength: *Mikasa casually walks by carrying a stack of railroad tracks… with a slouch in her posture.*

    • trucker bob says:

      @Dark Monster dude thats biased head cannon like a mofo rt is definitely not the most toxic and thats a fact you just can’t get over yourself huh I’m done talking to you I said what I said and I bet money other ppl out there know there’s worse fandoms and brands there are worse toxicity and Noone can doubt that

    • Frazzi Animations says:

      Lifting strength doesn’t equal Striking Strength

      Minecraft Steve can prove that as he can lift a pyramid but do you think when he hits a mob are able to take the hit and they don’t get instantly destroy.

      So even if you count the lifting rail track feat it doesn’t really make a difference

      Yes Mikasa is stronger for sure but only 4.5 stringer with her

      Plus blake is way faster speed and is more durable and probably better trained and intelligent.

      and that mikasa training is mostly on Titans and her weapons are limited in amount.

      So yeah that just want I think if you agree that fine if you disagree that also fine

    • Austin Kats says:

      @Archangel Supreme agreed

    • Scion of Fire says:

      I think Mikasa’s insane strength has more to do with the comic of the situation. As a fun gag, she hasn’t shown the ability to use super strength in any other sense though. Like when Hange was able to hold her back or when she was grabbed by a titan. She didn’t just throw Hange or break the titan’s hand like someone with super strength would. As for speed, Mikasa can’t deflect bullets while Blake can.

      That being said in terms natural abilities it was an unfair fight as death battle likes doing (Flash vs Quicksilver). Blake is naturally faster and has a superpower as well as magic shielding. Mikasa on the other hand does not have natural magic or super human abilities.

    • The Hallowed Knight says:

      Though the blade was “fragile” because titans have a tough skin and it makes it harder for them to cut with a regular sword so they use the odm swords instead or am I wrong?

  2. OnyxKing says:

    Look at the bright side Blake, you can get a Metal Arm From Atas to match- Oh Wait Never Mind.

  3. Ankle dean The engie meme says:

    My only complaint is that there wasn’t a scene where they had to work together to fight off Titans then resume the battle while fighting titans and Blake would lose her arm that way

  4. indoktrynator 1 says:

    Titans: *Attacking*
    Mikasa and Blake: Okay, Guess we will fight each other

    • Nathaniel Jordan says:

      Turns out this is also the plot of Attack on Titan, just replace Blake with literally everyone else besides titans, for some reason… ;-P

  5. Uravitynumber1 says:

    Blake:Leave me alone

    Also Blake: *Attacks Mikasa right after saying that*

  6. Brandon Flowers says:

    DEATH BATTLE: “This was a really close battle!”

    Also DEATH BATTLE: “This battle was extremely one-sided.”

    • Kevin Wong says:

      @mjc11493 Ben 10 vs Green latern

    • Brandon Flowers says:

      @mjc11493 Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the episodes, even when I’m pretty sure who’s gonna win.

      But, yeah, you’ve got that right. It’s how a lot of the recaps go and it kind pushes it sometimes.

    • mjc11493 says:

      @Brandon Flowers it’s cool I know what you mean

    • Clock Shock says:

      I mean they didn’t say it this time

    • Ian R. Nava Huber says:

      @Brandon Flowers yeah. me too. episodes that i personally love at least show great creativity with their fights like goro vs machamp and blarog vs TJ.
      for me the creativity is what makes a battle worth watching regardless of how one sided it is

  7. Scorpion Man says:

    Mikasa: “hey we need to evacuate”

    Blake: *So you have chosen death*

  8. DaichiOkami says:

    Yang: *passes out instantly after getting her arm cut off*
    Blake: oh no! Anyways.

    • RedSchnee says:

      Glad that I’m not the only one who remembered that. Lmao.

      Guess Blake carries with the Bmblb stuff from now.

  9. Ny JungKim says:

    How 95% of Death Battles begin

    “Excuse me my good sir, might I ask you a question?”
    “So you have chosen death!”

    • Nathaniel Jordan says:

      Shoulda just had Blake slap Eren. That’s all it’d take…

    • Nathaniel Jordan says:

      Actually, Yang and Eren getting into a fight and Blake and Mikasa settling it for them would’ve been pretty funny…

  10. Jayy Menace says:

    *yang loses arm* : depression, PTSD
    *Blake loses arm* : “Yo, what up world?!*

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