BLENDING 101 | How To Blend Like A Pro

BLENDING 101 | How To Blend Like A Pro


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43 Responses

  1. Beauty By Kaylee says:

    Her video is about her eye blending and it’s blended to perfection. You guys are really gonna start pointing out every one of her flaws like she HAS to be perfect ALL THE TIME?! Cant relate. #haters

  2. Jaime French says:

    Well if it isn’t the Jaclyn we all know and love ? welcome back

  3. chadyfrs93 says:

    I know you said you were bored of doing these videos (tutorials and stuff) and wanted to do something fun, but this was very helpful! Thank you!

  4. simran bhambra says:

    let’s be honest…sweatpants work best to clean your brushes ???

  5. Whitewave28 says:

    I really enjoy the longer tutorials with in depth techniques on blending eyeshadow, foundation application, and contour and highlight. It’s so therapeutic to watch! Your passion and excitement for makeup artistry really shines through. Thanks for the in depth vid!

  6. Misty Parsons says:

    I swear you were born to teach. I have learned SO much from you over the’re such a great teacher and extremely talented. Thank you for was really helpful. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Love you, Jaclyn!!?? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ??

  7. Louk E says:

    Rumour has it that the video is up for about 9 hours now and Jaclyn is still blending

  8. v e r a says:

    Just keep blending and blending and blending and blendiiiinngggg
    And oh, I gotta keep, keep on blending
    Just keep blending and blending and blending and blendiiiinngggg
    And oh, I gotta keep, keep on blending

    Sometimes it’s hard to find, find a good eyeshadow base
    Tune it out, they can be so sheer
    You remind me of a time when things weren’t so complicated
    All I need is a good eyeshadow base

    Feel my blood runnin’, swear the lid’s fallin’
    How do I know if this shit’s pigmented, oh?
    Time goes by and I can’t control my hand
    Don’t know what else to try, but a good eyeshadow gets me every time

    Just keep blending and blending and blending and blendiiiinngggg
    And oh, I gotta keep, keep on blending
    Just keep blending and blending and blending and blendiiiinngggg
    And oh, I gotta keep, keep on blending, mmm, yeah

    L M A O (Ariana Grande – breathin) ??
    I literally sing this (chorus) in my head everytime I blend out my eyeshadows LOL?

  9. Puye Aref says:

    Finally a detailed tutorial after sooooo long in the makeup commumity, I was so bored with all the makeup impressions

  10. Miriam Waldbaum says:

    OK I must say this: that close up from the side…AMAZING!!!! That is what each make up tutorial should be,
    in depth,showing all the details.I love it!!Thank you Jacklyn!!

  11. Kayla Parker says:

    Just in the first few minutes im like wow this is going to be a beautiful video, I can hear the passion in your voice

  12. must2r4h says:

    More videos like this please. I miss makeup tutorials on YouTube. Guru’s are more focused on reviewing these days.

  13. KL S says:

    I appreciate the different angles and close ups, i hate faraway tutorials, like bitch how am i supposed to know how its supposed to look during the process and if i’m doing it right, if you’re 10ft from the camera but i’m 10cm away from my mirror lol.
    and i too am trying to look glad and not sad 😛

  14. Ashley Denney says:

    Blending for blush, bronzer and contour! Needs
    To be next!!

  15. Am says:

    AWESOME VIDEO! *101 VIDEO REQUEST* Please do a 101 on how to apply shadow for each eye shape and use a model for each.

  16. Am says:

    *101 VIDEO REQUEST!*
    Please do a 101 on makeup brushes and explain when to use a certain brush size, shape and density. Explain the differences between real and synthetic brush hairs and when one should be used over the other.

    • Bryanna Marquez says:

      Yyyyyeeessss Jaclyn!!

    • Weema Faisal says:

      Yaaaaaaas ??? i wanted to say the same thing . . Hopefully she’ll read Ur Comment ..

    • Nicola Walker says:

      Am real hair brushes are good for powder products but u can get the same outcome with a really good synthetic brush. I would recommend real techniques, Luxie and crown brushes. Those are what I use and they are really good. A dense brush is good for blush as it doesn’t pick up loads of product and it helps because u don’t want ur blush to be too much so using a dense brush gives u the chance to build it up, for highlighter never use a massive brush, try using a smaller brush or a fan brush, sorry I kinda just highjacked ur comment but just wanted to give u a bit of advice and what works for me. I hope that made sense ?

    • Alana Maria Monteiro says:

      Samantha Ravyndal has also made a video like this! Very informative

    • Lin Lun says:


  17. Adelina G says:

    This video is the proof for why i subscribed to Jaclyn more than 6 years ago. This is the passionate and amazing person we all love.

  18. Trish Gress says:

    Please do a 101 foundation/ bronzer & blush blending !

  19. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who else is scrolling through the comments while watching this video?❤

  20. Ame Liah says:

    Next video idea – Color Theory for the Eyes. How do you make decisions on what colors to use together? Why did you choose the orange shadow as your 3rd color after the 2 first transition colors and then you chose a yellow? What’s the thinking behind it? How can I replicate it no matter what color story I am going for on my eyes? ??

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