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20 Responses

  1. Harry Mudd says:

    The United States is NOT a theocracy, nor shall it ever be.
    Therefore Cruz shall lose!

  2. ATexasBuckeye says:

    Thank you Senator Cruz! I pray for you and your family daily. Proud to
    have voted for you here in Texas. May God Bless and Keep you, May He
    sunshine His face upon you daily.

    For those Na Sayers: He is a natural born citizen and guess what he can
    prove it and has proven it. Read the Constitution! His mother was born and
    raised in Delaware I believe. Sorry, but I was never a “birther” on Obama
    as I understood that if one of your parents is a US Citizen you are too no
    matter where you where born. Where Obama was mostly raised in Indian (10
    yrs) as a Muslim in an American hating home then in Hawaii in an American
    hating Communist home Cruz was raised in Houston Texas in a Christian
    American loving home. Cruz is also an Eagle Scout a little background that
    most people do not know.

    Experience: He is no community organizer that is for sure! He has 5 1/2
    yrs as a Solicitor in the Texas Attorney General office presenting some 40
    cases to the US Supreme Court He has time as a Planning Commissioner in
    Texas. He was a clerk for two years at the US Supreme Court. He was an
    adjunct professor for 3 years teaching law and he actually taught more than
    one class and it was not on Saul Lewinsky! He has been since 1998 and still
    is a practicing attorney (17 years experience).

    Education: Princeton and Harvard Law and graduated with honors. Did you
    know his college thesis was on the 10 Amendment to the US Constitution.
    His professors actually remember him along with his classmates! His one
    professor who graded his Thesis paper has said that he is possibly one of
    the smartest people to have graduated from Harvard Law! He was a debate
    champion and they even named one of the awards after him that is still
    given today. He went to college as a US Citizen and worked two jobs to pay
    his way. 

  3. bill boyd says:

    Ted will Bridge the Gap between Canadian Tar Sands and a Koch Refinery in
    Texas, with help from Jesus, and a top polluter.

  4. tejaspics says:

    What utter crap.

  5. Jonathan Beck says:

    Ted Cruz is a disgusting hypocrite

  6. Tom Tilley says:

    Let’s hope the vote count reflects the

  7. aruckertz says:

    weon de mierda asqueroso

  8. DJ Arnoldo says:

    Wow. Ted Cruz is America’s Bibi Netanyahu, our last, best hope against the
    lunatic Left! God bless you and your beautiful family, Ted.

  9. HotCheeseSticks says:

    Whatever happened to separation of church and state? God should not have
    any place in our politics. 

  10. Dave Brown says:

    This guy is who we need as president , a God fearing Christian man who can
    lead this nation back under God, he loves America and Israel, we need a
    leader like that

  11. Grant Johnson says:

    There is a zero percent chance of this guy winning. God just told me.

  12. cri7ica1 says:

    This dude is certified crazy.

  13. Robert Hudson says:

    What message?

  14. Michael Hernandez says:

    He was born in Canada. You have to be born in The United States to be the
    President. How does he plan to get around that if he were elected? I doubt
    he will win but people giving money to him will be just throwing it away.

  15. Naytone says:

    Too scared to read the comments XD

  16. anthony rodrigez says:

    I don’t care if he is religious but if his religion let’s him discriminate
    arrested gays I will not vote for him 

  17. SolarBleu says:

    I support you Ted all the way! Keep it up, and god bless you and your

  18. VnVnV says:

    In a multicultural country (which is the base from where the country rose)
    with multiple religions, how can any person proclaim a single religion
    above all others? Isn’t it like saying “you may have your ideas, but mines
    are better so fuck you”?

  19. phillip glass says:

    Fucking fag.

  20. brandon nunez says:

    Using religion to garner support from weak minded people i guess thats the
    right way of doing it