Blind Burrito Taste Test

Blind Burrito Taste Test

Don your Burrito Tuxedo as we embark on a blind burrito taste test to see which burrito chain comes out on top. GMM #1393

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58 Responses

  1. Veganjedi97 says:

    they should have cut them in half and put them in the suits, contents facing outwards so they avoid plain tortilla bites

  2. laertesdd says:

    “That girth on that thing.”

    “It feels like I’m eating a ball.”

    (Rhett McLaughling 2018)

  3. smore says:

    This made me REALLLYYY want a burrito.

  4. Kevin Adams says:

    AAAAAAHhhhhhhh they just bit off the head of a Well dressed Burrito Who are these monsters? 😱

    LOL 😄

  5. wolfangel155 says:

    cotton candy must mean….. you know whoooo….the one time i wanted to skip to gmmore

  6. Critical Nobody says:

    Further proof that Link doesn’t like food

    • Zacarias 87 says:

      Every time I watch him eat things, I almost have to stop because of his bad ratings!

    • Lemons _66 says:

      He makes a good point though with he enjoys food more by the sight of it, I can’t lie…I do too lol like I may not want pizza right away, but put it in front of me and I’ll be all for it immediately lol

  7. Ruairi Cullinane says:

    Will it devilled egg? Am I right?

  8. Stella Buchli says:


  9. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    I wanna do this so bad. 😂 never had qdoba though!

  10. RatBoy1999 says:

    When You Don’t Know Any Burrito Fast Food Places Expect Taco Bell Because It’s The Only Burrito Fast Food Place In Your Town…

  11. seidimeow says:

    I can’t seem to wrap my head around it… so they did a burrito taste test on national taco day, lettuce taco bout that

  12. JaxBlade says:

    I can imagine what it be like to Bite into Taco Bell and Then Chipotle, Im shuttering just thinking about it. Both have a purpose but back to back yikes xD

  13. bethany.h says:

    “I hit a sourcream pocket and I’m not complaining.” -Rhett McLaughlin, 2018

  14. Don Spieles says:

    Today’s take-away: Rhett REALLY likes burritos. Link does not.

  15. Andrea Reynolds says:

    You’re making a cotton candy burrito in GMMore? I think I have a feeling who I might see there today….headed to find out now lol

  16. Amber Leihalani says:

    Noooo Qdoba is the best in my opinion. I used to work there and made all kinds of combinations. I never got tired of it. Plus the ingredients are super fresh and queso is way better than chipotles.

    • Etan Chamare says:

      They probably just told the person working there to make a burrito with whatever, and so the person made a burrito that they liked, but it happened to be something Link hated. Qdoba really is better than even Chipotle.

  17. I bet i can hit 1000 subs without a video!!! 123 says:

    That food looks good….


  18. Brynn Roemer says:

    Rhett’s little head wiggle before every bite makes me happy ☺️

  19. Astral Productions says:

    If you included a real authentic mexican burrito I guarantee it would’ve won.

  20. Emma Taylor I MÅSTURВÂTÈ MY PUSSY TAPME! says:

    👌happy videos🔥

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