Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

Which tender will win the blind chicken finger taste test?!  GMM #1549
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74 Responses

  1. Josh Berroth says:

    *sees the Cane’s rating*
    Look how they massacred my boy!

  2. Juke Box Hero says:

    Who does a video about chicken and doesn’t do Chick-fil-A??

  3. Lowgaen Schmidt says:

    CANES!!!! Granted, I love Canes for their dipping sauce more than the chicken

  4. Vasu Mohan Gupta says:

    Finally!!! These blindfolded tests are back..even though it’s for the finale ?

  5. Brynn Roemer says:

    Rhett: welcome to the season 15 finale!
    Crew: *cheers*
    Me: *sobs*

  6. Ktbffh15 says:

    Can’t eat Canes tenders without Cane’s sauce smh

    • Siege says:

      The sauce is bombbbb

    • Beau Major says:

      There’s no chicken tender in the world that is actually good dry. You’re insane

    • Bryce Lewis says:

      Beau Major well I don’t think they are supposed to be dry haha, if cooked properly it should take great without sauce, but with sauce it could make it a lot better

    • Beau Major says:

      +Bryce Lewis very true, I meant dry meaning no sauce. Eating a tender with no sauce is like pouring your milk before the cereal haha

    • Hays YT says:

      Beau Major Popeyes is. No one eats Popeyes with sauce and they have the best chicken tenders

  7. Tim Wessel says:

    I wish I could be part of this, love chicken tenders

  8. Andrew W says:



  9. SALTYY says:

    See if they had canes with their canes special sauce it would’ve been a 10

  10. BadJokeCoke Comedy says:

    Every blind taste test

    Link : Can you believe we’re eating *insert food here*? We’re living the dream.


  11. Meredith Wheeler says:

    Link: I didn’t taste 11 herbs..
    Rhett: I tasted at least 10

  12. General Sassmaster says:

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
    Speaking of Chicken, I would love to see Guy Fieri as a guest ? I’m sure it’s been considered in the past lol

  13. ChuChibiz says:

    “as you can see, we cant!”


  14. Beast The Food Reviewer says:

    chicken fingers are nice but it is a good dipping sauce that makes them great.

  15. Gooberus Goober says:

    wait FINALE?!?!?!?! this season seems like it just started last week 🙁

  16. Theresa G says:

    Can’t believe Zaxby’s and Chik fil A weren’t in the line up

  17. abeer khan says:

    Before you guys get blindfolded, you guys should say which one is your favorite then afterwards see which one you guys actually like

  18. Miscellaneous Stuff says:

    breakfast without you won’t taste half as good, have a great vacation and come back soon

  19. Johnboy says:

    *Why isn’t Chick-Fil-A a conTENDER?*

  20. no says:

    Dairy queen?
    I just copped that 3pc for $7 wit fries, a drink and a sundae, my boy!

    (And the dq tendies are better then popeyes, dont @ me)

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