Blind Chicken Wing Taste Test

Blind Chicken Wing Taste Test

We crowning the Chicken Wing King today in a taste showdown of restaurant chicken wing offerings. GMM #1357
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69 Responses

  1. Stephanie Cunningham says:

    Big round of applause to Link for being respectful and thinking Hooter’s was awkward and uncomfortable.

    • deprofundis says:

      Stephanie Cunningham Yes! I was SO glad they weren’t the typical douchebag dudes about it.

    • DraconasLyrr says:

      There’s a male version of Hooter’s, it’s called Tallywackers. Never hear anyone complaining about that.

    • DraconasLyrr says:

      Well, I have to apologize, apparently it closed a couple years ago. But it got quite a bit of positive attention when it opened. Moot point now, though, I suppose.

  2. Preston Smith says:

    The intro should have been ‘which chicken wing is the chicken king’

  3. Van Hendrix says:

    It’s the chicken wing that flies

  4. Richard Powell says:

    Baked wings like from Domino’s are usually gross. I like my wings deep fried and crispy.

    • GutsyGaming says:

      the real trick to a perfect wing is to deep fry it and finish it off in the oven so that it maintains the perfect crisp

    • koopajoe12 says:

      Guess im the oddball i cant stand fried hot wings i prefer saucy and baked just like DOMINOES!!!

  5. Cecilia S says:

    This episode feels a bit like the old GMM we were all used to. I love it.

  6. Purple Groundhog says:

    Help, I’m trapped in YouTube!

  7. ItsKim 247 says:

    You guys *Winged* It!

  8. sdluke says:

    You know your sleep schedule is bad when you haven’t gone to sleep and the GMM video is up :((

  9. Vitamin P says:

    “As you can see, we can’t”
    – Link 2018

  10. Brian Dupuis says:

    you have kfc’s that don’t sell wings down there? wtf? do they hate making money? oh but those aren’t what I’m used to, kfc hot wings up here don’t put any sauce on, and they’re TIGHT AF
    I’m so hyped, although sad that my favourite brand ring-a-wing isn’t here, maybe it’s canada only. And of course Wing Stop isn’t up here, so I might have to head down and try it

  11. Ardyn Rayne says:

    I am a wing queen!!! Best wings are from Duff’s in Buffalo NY! The original buffalo wings are from Anchor bar in Buffalo and those are also super good. You should have done this episode the first week of September because that is when Wing Fest is which has more than 50,000 people each year

    • robhimself79 says:

      GutsyGaming with ranch right?!??!

      Trick question!!!

    • Ardyn Rayne says:

      robhimself79 ewww never ever ever ranch! And the bar bill isnt as good as the original Duff’s. If you’re going to be in orchard Park East Aurora area there are way better places to get food at. Not necessarily wings but just all around better food. One of my old favorites was Dooley bar. But pretty much anywhere in the buffalo area other than a chain restaurant has good wings

    • Jacob Fishbaugh says:

      Bring on the Duff’s wings!

    • robhimself79 says:

      Ardyn Rayne you’re right it’s not as good as the original Duff’s… It’s way better!!! But your right any pizza place in buffalo is better than these joints.

    • Catherine White says:

      I’m from buffalo and I’ve never had wings from duffs or anchor bar just local places la nova and pats and others …i need to go out for wings more 🙁

  12. MemeDream says:

    Chicken isnt really a good breakfast, but Im cooking it anyway because of this episode

  13. Veridian says:

    Something I can finally eat my breakfast with

    • Hollyann Savannah says:

      ohg what’s your issue

    • ohg says:

      Hollyann Savannah Because I see her/him on every trending YouTube video. And that too posting multiple times. It gets irritating after one point. I want to read comment section and I keep reading these ones thus spoiling my experience.

      Also, you can comment everything in one comment just like I am doing right now. This guy/girl always posts multiple comments. Gets on my nerves. You will now think I am crazy.

    • スペクター. says:

      Is what a fan do

    • Francesca Brasfield says:

      ohg Well you see, the internet is a public place. Its like saying, “I don’t like your voice so you have to leave.” It makes no sense and you don’t get to decide what they can and can’t do. Literally just ignore their User Name. Its like in Elementary School when you learn not to tattle tale because they aren’t actually doing anything to you.

  14. Veridian says:

    If I took this test I’d be *winging* all my answers

  15. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Will it bacon let’s find out.

  16. Akkuzi says:

    Doesn’t matter where, wings are wings

    Edit: added a coma…

  17. seidimeow says:

    Coop Mythifowl Summer!

    Feather y’all like it or not today I was really winging it with the pun, I’ll do better nest time

  18. Jonas Jensen says:

    Where i KFC In the ratings 😛

  19. AwesomeThunder16 says:

    Should of got the wings B O N E L E S S

  20. Amina Plays! says:

    Who’s getting hungry? 😍😭 x

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