Blind Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test

Blind Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test

Can we tell the difference between cookies made by the Keebler elves and Mrs. Fields? We’re naming the best store-bought chocolate chip cookie!  GMM #1445

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31 Responses

  1. CattLux says:

    :Cookie Monster has joined the server:


  2. Directionally Challenged says:

    Oh. Before I forget: Sweet Limp Bizkit reference bro.

  3. Tevin Tech says:

    Team Soft Chewy Cookies Anyone?

  4. josh maier says:

    When’s the last time Rhett had a famous Amos ??? That’s a tiny little cookie how the heck do you confuse that with Mrs fields ????

  5. Bassett says:

    Guys, I need to know what the original’s song name at 10:45 is, Please help.

  6. G SINNA says:

    links face during the song lmao

  7. Landon Amber says:

    Please do this with hot chocolate brands before the cold season is over

  8. Johnny Kiehn says:

    7:06 Rhett going full cookie monster was majestic

  9. rome l says:

    “Don’t ever go full cookie monster.” ??? awesome reference!

  10. Johnny Kiehn says:

    The final cookie song was angelic

  11. Kosmicd12 says:

    link guessing each one 1 round too early every single time

    also saying it was too big to be chips ahoy (when it was chips ahoy) and then guessing famous amos (which are the smallest cookies they ate!)

  12. Goat Mcgee says:

    Can y’all put that full song on iTunes I was digging it

  13. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Eh who doesnt love cookies.

  14. anaki uthmann says:

    I was hoping they’d get Link’s dad in again

  15. ZombieGal says:

    Cookie carols should be an offical carol

  16. AERO BLKHWK32 says:

    For the first four rounds, Link was just predicting the next round’s cookie ?

  17. Jessica Ross says:

    From those that brought you Nila wafer top hat, brings you Chips ahoy cookie captain hat?

    Something oddly pleasing to watch two grown men, blindfolded, dig around in santa sleigh with their mouths for cookies with icy backdrop… only on GMM?

  18. Geo B says:

    Best part is at 7:52 Rhett: “You should always be suspicious of something that stays soft”

  19. RhettyforFun says:

    Otis Spunkmeyer also has a good chocolate chip cookie!

  20. Christi Thornburg says:

    Rhett’s favorite food is….. *Whatever he’s currently eating*

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